Registry 1099 Electronic Filing


This registry is required for the Report AP 1099 Electronic File function.

Related Registry:

The Registry AP 1099 Electronic File is a separate registry that is also required.

Important Fields:

Registry Id: sys-1099-ef

Name: 1099 Electronic Filing

  The following settings define the contact information to be included in the electronic file.

Setting Key: TransmitterName   Setting Value:  Firstname Lastname

Setting Key: CompanyName  Setting Value:  Your Company's Name

Setting Key: CompanyAddress   Setting Value:  Street Address

Setting Key: CompanyCity  Setting Value:  City

Setting Key: CompanyState  Setting Value: 2 Character State

Setting Key: CompanyZip  Setting Value:  5 digit zip

Setting Key: CompanyPhone  Setting Value:  10 numeric digits, no spaces

Setting Key: ContactName  Setting Value:  Firstname Lastname

Setting Key: ContactPhone  Setting Value: 10 numeric digits, no spaces

Setting Key: ContactEmail  Setting Value: Contact's Email

The following entries specify the software vendor generating the electronic file and should be entered as shown below:

Setting Key: VendorName  Setting Value:  Data-Basics Inc

Setting Key: VendorAddress  Setting Value: 600 Broadway Avenue

Setting Key: VendorCity  Setting Value: Bedford

Setting Key: VendorState  Setting Value: OH

Setting Key: VendorZip  Setting Value: 44146

Setting Key: VendorContactName   Setting Value: Support

Setting Key: VendorContactPhone  Setting Value:  2166635600

The following IRS codes are also required:

Setting Key: TCC  Setting Value: Transmitter Control Code Assigned by IRS

Setting Key:  AmountCodes  Setting Value: 12345678ABCDE

Enter the Setting Value for the AmountCodes exactly as shown above.