Upgrade Notes for 9.0.572.059 (2018-10-??)

IMPORTANT: Avalara Users
Formatting configurations within the Avalara import files for certain states may require manual updates to Sales Tax Authorities/Groups following the update. Please contact your support rep before running Start Sales Tax Update (Avalara). Note that new releases of Version 9.1 support the Avalara Web Service (which does not have these import issues). Upgrading to Version 9.1 also provides preprocessing information on anomalies in the Avalara import files which may need to be corrected.  

Default and Java 8 XmlToPdf.jar Files

The default XmlToPdf.jar file included in this release will support both Java 7 and 8; it is dated 2017-12-29. It supports the revised W-2 reporting format and corrects a file 'cannot find this file' error when running with UseOutlook enabled.

Enhanced Java 8 Functionality: The newest XmlToPdf.jar file (included as XmlToPdf [2018-06-29].jar) requires Java 8. Java 8 must be installed on ALL machines that will do emailing, including one that runs scheduled events.  This file supports enhanced error handling to give a number of different status codes based on where the error was encountered and what type of error it was. It logs the error to a new XmlToPdf.log file in the root SAMPro directory. To use this functionality:

Change the name of the default XmlToPdf.jar file to XmlToPdfOUT.jar and then

Copy the XmlToPdf [2018-06-29].jar and change the name of the copy to XmlToPdf.jar

Licensing: Validation Tightened

This release closes a loophole which allowed more Full User and TechAnywhere (Technician) records to be created than allowed by license. See Customer Note 1.28 for details.

Upgrade Processing Pre-Conversion Checks for SQL Server

SAMPro will check for database table change rights and uncommitted transactions to ensure a successful database conversion.

Pre-Conversion Requirements for 8.2 And Earlier

Version 9.0 changes to the database structure for Quotes enhance their stability and functionality. However, problems with missing/duplicate scope options in pre-9.0 databases require intervention before the data can convert properly.  To ensure a successful upgrade:

1. Backup the database.
2. Install Report Quote Scope Errors (RQTESCPEERRORS.rpt) dated 2015-09-10 or later.
3. Run the report wide open. If ANY issues are found, they MUST be corrected before the upgrade.
4. Correct any errors noted; version 8.2.545.075+ includes functionality to correct most errors; see case 6864 in the 8.2 Support Notes for details. Rerun the report to verify it runs clear; some errors may need to be addressed via SQL.
5. Have all users log off; rerun report again. If COMPLETELY clear, log off, install 9.0, start conversion.

Autoemail Registry Change (if upgrading from 8.0 or before)

If registry entries with autoemail=true AND autosavewhenprinted=true are enabled, the following line must be added in order for the auto-mail to occur. See the Registries Recommend as Standard table for details.  

Setting Key: autoemailwhenprinted   Setting Value: true

Major Material Markup Change in 9.0 (upgrading from 8.2 or before)

Version 9.0 material revenue calculations have been refined to take the previous level into account. This new methodology is the default.  A registry is required to use the old methodology (Customer Note 8.7.)

IMPORTANT: Contractual Rates
While the new default methodology provides more refined revenue calculations, this change may cause issues if Client-specific material markup rates that are contractual are specified in your data. In this case, maintaining the previous methodology (via registry) may be advisable.

Upgrading from 9.0.572.026 or 9.0.572.027

If data was initially converted to V9.0 on 9.0.572.026/027 and then upgraded to the current 9.0, users will experience 'Invalid Column Name tchncn_rn' errors accessing Jobs. There are 2 ways of correcting this:

1.   If the database is large, drop the jbschdlr table.  Dealers may contact support for assistance.
2. Alternately, drop the revlev by 1, and let it convert back up. This may also do the clustered indexing in MS SQL databases so it will take some time.

Upgrading from Earlier 9.0 Versions

One user encountered an error 213 saving an AP Journal entry after upgrading from a previous 9.0 version.  The fix for this was to drop the database revlev by 1, and let it convert back up. This may also do the clustered indexing in MS SQL databases so it will take some time.

Work Order Technician Index

The WO Tech Index allows multiple lines with the same date/different times per tech. Older installations may include a manual index the previous restriction. Delete this manual index to see the new behavior.

MS SQL Server Conversion: Cluster Index

When MS SQL Server databases are upgraded to this version, the main primary key index will be changed from a nonclustered to a clustered index to enhanced database performance.

Required Files

The startme.exe file dated 9/29/2014/later MUST be used to start this version of SAMPro.  It is included in the zip file with the new image, and should reside in the same directory as the image (v.exe).change.log, recover.log, v.BAK and master~pushbuttons.obj must also be in the same directory as v.exe.

Anywhere Suite Required / Recommended Versions for SAMPro 9.0.572.058:


Compatible Version(s)




1.1.20 – 9.0.572.057

Also requires DBAnalytics
V1.1.005  and up

Enable Opportunity record. Customer Notes 15.2.1-2 registry settings for Opportunity Viewer & Google Calendar interface.  



Fixed a bug where usernames with spaces would not be able to log in correctly.


DBXChange - check for latest!

Mods to Sales & Return Invoice, fix Site Search, Add Client and Site Id to  invoice and return forms, Daily Report Filename Change


FMAnywhere V1.1.005

See DBAnalytics for details.


V4.1.059.0016 and up

Supports Electronic Payments credit card Processing. See TechAnywhere Release Notes for additional fixes and enhancements.


V2.0.001.015 and up

TimeAnywhere Version 1 and 2.0 are supported.


SubAnywhere v2.1.6k_90

Cancel quote function now works as expected; resolves intermittent null reference exception on status change and resolves error when attempting to download documents multiple times

Client Web (old)

Part of  SAMPro

Supported in this version.

CSR (old)

Part of SAMPro

Quoting is NOT supported in 9.0+.


Before the upgrade, rename the error.log files to errorOUTDate.log.

Converting Files to PDF's:

If the message 'you are not permitted to run this function' appears when saving reports as PDF's, the call to see if java exists is returning a 'file not found'. Solve by placing path to java in the Window's Path environment variable.

Open SAMPro Attachments in Windows Picture Viewer:

In some cases a registry entry may be required; see sys-openapp-commands.

User Group Access to New Functions:

After the upgrade, update the appropriate User Group and Functions records to provide user access to newly added Viewers and Starters.  Be sure to also Update the WorkFlow Folders with the new functions (or import revised ones from Data-Basics). New 9.0 functions include the following:


New Viewers

New Starters

View Avalara Sales Tax Data

Start Avalara Sales Tax Import

View Association, View Client Site CRM, View Opportunity, Contact Group (CRM)

Start Merge Client Site (Admin Only!)

View Quote Manager, View Quote Scope

Start Process TimeAnywhere Files

View Skill (reporting only in 9.0)

Start Create Quality Assurance Work Orders

View TimeAnywhere Labor, Break, Expenses, Crew and Settings

Start NetFramework Post (SubAnywhere) - run as scheduled event for SubAnywhere Document Upload / Download support.  (Admin only)

Setting up for Quote Manager and Quote Scope

If you will be using the new Quote Manager / Quote Scope viewers and/or CRMAnywhere, some of the entries in your existing Quote (sys-viewer-vqte) registry must be copied to sys-viewer-vqtemngr registry for the Quote Manager, and others to the new sys-viewer-vqtescpe registry for the Quote Scope Viewer.

Quote Manager / Approval Wizard


Quote Scope

QuoteMaster  / Approval Wizard



















Any required or disabled field registry

entries for the older Quote viewer must be

reconfigured for the Quote Manager.







Any required or disabled field

registry entries for the older

 Quote viewer must be

reconfigured for the Quote Scope.























IMPORTANT:  Retain all  existing options in sys-viewer-vqte registry in case the older Quotemaster is used.


TIP: Cloning Your Quote Entries

The easiest way of transferring your existing Quotemaster entries to the new viewers is to clone them. Note that the existing registry sys-viewer-vqte should NOT be changed as it supports the older Quotemaster viewer.

1. Access the sys-viewer-vqte registry.

2. Change the Id to sys-viewer-vqtemngr and tab out of the Id field.

3. Delete or disable any lines not supported by Quote Manager; they will be ignored by the system but may confuse users editing this registry in the future.

4. Reconfigure any disabled or required fields entries.

5. Save the new registry.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the Quote Scope registry (sys-viewer-vqtescpe).

Registry Entries Recommended by Support:


Registry Id


Case # / Notes


Payroll Period

If you should always Accrue to GL:
If you run the SAMPro Payroll and Accrue to GL, make the field required so that it is not accidentally missed.

Setting Key: RequiredFieldsParent      
Setting Value:

If you NEVER Accrue to GL:
If the Accrue to GL Flag should NEVER be set, disable it to prevent its being accidentally checked.

Setting Key: DisabledFieldsParent      
Setting Value:

Bonuses will also be accrued if enable via registry in 9.0.


For Portrait COP Invoices Only

Setting Key: orientation
Setting Value: 1

Case 6855 caused the Portrait option to be ignored in sys-printer-rcopinvce. Add this registry to correct.


WorkOrder Daily Edit

Setting Key:  MaxWorkOrderCount    
Setting Value: 200

Limits number of Work Orders to be processed at one time to avoid running wide open.


Service Invoice

Setting Key: autoemailwhenprinted   
Setting Value: true

Setting Key: EmailMessageId
Setting Value: commonphraseid

Setting Key:  
Setting Value: true

autoemailwhenprinted enables the actual e-mailing.  

EmailMessageId specifies the common phrase to insert in the email the invoice is attached to.

ShowBillAddressAndEmailAddress prints the email address below the street address of emailed invoices.


Vendor Expiration Report

Setting Key: autoemailwhenprinted   
Setting Value: true

Disable: Setting Key: autoemail  

If autosavewhenprinted is enabled, add the autoemailwhenprinted line and disable the autoemail or two copies of the report will be sent


Customer Statement

Setting Key: autoemailwhenprinted   
Setting Value:

Disable  Setting Key: autoemail  

If autosavewhenprinted is enabled, add the autoemailwhenprinted line and disable the autoemail or two copies of the report will be sent


Setting Key: errorlog

Setting Key: messagebox

Required to record tab mismatch errors to the error log.
































Setting Key: SetTaxTypeManagementFees   

Setting Value: true   

Sets Rev Adjust Tax Type for Management Fees in Quote & WO based on Cost Cat / Sales Tax Group.

Setting Key: NotifyPendingChanges    

Setting Value: none

If record locks are associated with the new Pending Changes code set this option to none.  

Setting Key:

Setting Value: true

Prevents entry into of the Job Cost Code's
Hourly Burden Rate field.

Recommended for almost every installation. The Job Cost Code Hourly Burden was implemented for use with Shop Order Job Costing. If you put something in that field, you might not like it's impact on job history.

Setting Key: maxColumnCountToCompress

Setting Value: 120000

Needed  for viewers to display correctly.

Setting Key: maxRowCountToCompress

Setting Value: 20000

Needed for viewers to display correctly.

To allow Construction Invoicing (RINVINV3/4) to bill WO fixed fee costs without marking WO ready-to-invoice this registry must be disabled or absent.

Setting Key: DisableCase1991
Setting Value: true    Disabled: Checked

If this entry is NOT checked as Disabled, WO’s using non-Service Compute jobs must be marked Ready To Invoice for unbilled costs to appear in Record Billing Adjustments.

Setting Key: DefaultGLAccountId
Setting Value: GL Account Id

Specifies a valid account created for this
purpose (e.g., a 9999 type account).

Writing to GL History when a GL Account is not specified uses this entry (posting a construction invoice with Retainage $$$ but NO Retainage GL Account.)

Setting Key: EscalationManager
Setting Value: always

Update WO Escalation Status in absence of Escalation Profile

Setting Key: DisableMCFutureInspectionsTable
Setting Value: true

Implement if DBAnalytics for Master
Contract Inspections are NOT used.

Disables the Master Contract future inspections table for performance enhancement. Implement if DBAnalytics or other reports that depend on the table are NOT used.

Setting Key: CreateMasterSiteEquipmentPMTable  
Setting Value: true

Use if DBAnalytics for Master Contract
Future Inspections ARE used.

Important: if this registry entry is enabled, the registry entry above (DisableMCFutureInspectionsTable) must be absent or disabled.  


See Help for options for Architect, Owner, etc.

Required for AIA with or without Retainage.


Start Archive Record Change Log

This function is NOT working in 9.0; no archiving will be accomplished.  A fix is available in 9.1.

Setting Key: DaysToSave  Setting Value: 30

Requires a new scheduled event (process) to trigger function "sarchvercrdchngelg"


(Purge Record Change Log)

Not Recommended!

Setting Key: MaximumRecordsToDelete

Setting Value: 1

886 / Decrease to retain history.

Setting Key: DaysToSave

Setting Value: 9999

886 / Increase to retain history.


(Start Service Billing Worksheet)

Setting Key: srvcewrksht_orderby

Setting Value: wrkordr.wrkordr_id,jb.jb_id

Orders the service billing worksheet by work order id.

Setting Key:

Setting Value: true (default false)

Allows the Billing Worksheet to be run for work order(s) not yet flagged as invoice ready.


(Accounting Period)

Setting Key: OtherToGL
Setting Value: true or false

Set to true if the WO Other To GL box
should be checked on all/most periods;
false if the box should never be checked. 

To Require for ALL periods

Setting Key: RequiredFieldsParent  
Setting Value: accntngprd.enble-wrkordrothrGLH

To Disable for ALL periods

Setting Key: DisabledFieldsParent  
Setting Value: accntngprd.enble-wrkordrothrGLH

The optional interface of WO Other to GL is controlled by a check box in the Accounting Period record.

One of these registries should be set to control this behavior.

Setting Key: UnvoucheredAP  
Setting Value: false

Setting Key: disabledFieldsParent
Setting Value: accntngprd.enble-unvchrd-ap

Use if Unvouchered AP is NOT used
(most installations).

The Unvouchered AP option has to be set as applicable for each installation to avoid a big mess if the accounting period is incorrectly configured.

Setting Key: UnvoucheredAP  
Setting Value: true

Use if Unvouchered AP IS used.

The Unvouchered AP option has to be set as applicable for each installation to avoid a big mess if the period is incorrectly configured.


AP Journal

Setting Key: PreventMultipleInvoiceNumberUse

Setting Value: true

This prevents the same Vendor Invoice from being vouchered multiple times.

Setting Key: CreditPOsMustBeReceived

Setting Value: true

Prevents unreceived credit PO lines from being vouchered to prevent hanging, unbilled costs.


(Employee Viewer)

Setting Key: disabledFieldsParent

Setting Value: emplye.annl-stndrd-hrs

If standard hours will never be defined by employee, disable this field to prevent users from entering random values.

The Standard Hours field is used in payroll calculations for salaried workers. When set to zero, system uses the StandardAnnualHours option in sys-ffv-global-settings, or 2080 (if no global registry).

Setting Key: disabledFieldschildPTO

Setting Value: emplyepto.prcnt

If vacation accruals with a 'percent of wages' option is not implemented (most US firms), disable the Prcnt: field on the PTO tab to avoid inadvertent data-entry.

Setting Key: disabledFieldschild
Setting Value: ernngs.pytype: pytype.id

Disable the Earning's tab's Pay Type field if special overtime processing is NOT used.

The Earnings tab's Pay Type fields should only be completed to enable an alternative way of determining overtime or double-time pay (e.g, if  overtime isn't at a 1.5 multiplier.) Disable this field if it is not needed.


Work Order Viewer


Last Option also impacts the Quote Master Wizard post to the Work Order

Setting Key:

Setting Value: true

** required if using Job EOM

* Default Changed - add GL Expense Acct# to Material Cost Categories

Setting Key: AllowEditOfPOGENDescriptions   

Setting Value: false  (Default is true)

Prevents editing WO Other Lines imported from POs. Recommended if Create EOM Unvouchered AP GL Entries is run.

Disable this option if present:

Setting Key: DeleteJCH
Setting Value: warning


Setting Key: CreatePOforSub

Setting Value: prompt


Setting Key: FFQtyBillZero  

Setting Value: true

Set in the WO's Registry!

Sets Qty Bill to zero on Fixed Fee lines not flagged as Extra when Quote Wizard posts to WO so these lines don't appear on a detailed invoice.

Setting Key: ShowUnreleasedPOs   

Setting Value: true  (default is false)

Since Unreleased PO's do NOT post to IM History, details will NOT be shown, but a single line with basic PO information will appear.  

Setting Key: ClearJobId 
Setting Value: true

Blanks the Job Id when Service Billing
Compute is launched from the WO.

If more than one job is referenced in the WO, and the user forgets to clear the Job Id field after clicking Print Invoice, only the invoice for the header job is generated.

Setting Key: OkToBillWithOpenPOs
Setting Value:

Setting Key: OkToBillWithOpenCreditPOs
Setting Value: false

Both options must be set to false to prevent work order from being set to Ok To Invoice if PO/Credit PO’s are not fully received.  The default value is true, allowing billing.

Setting Key: ProduceQuoteRecapReport   
Setting Value: true

Enable if Quoting is used.

Causes the Quote Approval wizard to auto-launch a report that with instructions for the Tech and a recap of Charges and PO's.



sys-viewer-vwrkordr-- agenttech

Work Order Viewer

Id: sys-viewer-vwrkordr

Setting Key: RestrictWOOtherCost  
Setting Value: true

Id: sys-viewer-vwrkordr--agenttech

Setting Key: RestrictWOOtherCost        
Setting Value:

Note the two hyphens preceding agenttech in the registry id!

The use of Unit Cost and Extended Cost is restricted to Quote lines when this registry option is turned on for manual data-entry.  These fields were already restricted for PO and JCH imports. If this registry is enabled, a corresponding entry setting this option to false must be made in the agenttech registry to permit TechAnywhere costs to post.


Do NOT include Tax Groups in the Zip Code records if using Avalara!

Setting Key: default
Setting Value: true or false

Controls defaulting blank City /State fields
when a zip code (from zip code table)
is entered.

Setting Key: afunction
Setting Value: true or false

Exceptions to the default behavior.

Required to enable defaulting from the Zipcode table.

Example: Default from Zipcode Table Except for Vendor Viewer recommended)

Setting Key: default
Setting Value: true
Setting Key: vvndr
Setting Value: false


Setting Key: UseSubdirectories
Setting Value:

Archive documents into the appropriate YYYY-MM subfolder


Setting Key: DisregardOldStatus

Setting Value: true (default is false)

Reduces the occurrence of the Status Change Error Alerts.


Vendor Viewer


Setting Key: disabledFieldsParent  

Setting Value:


If AP EFT/AFT is NOT implemented, this
prevents users from inadvertently triggering the EFT functionality!

The EFT Bank Id and EFT Account Number fields on the Defaults tab support Electronic/Automated Funds Transfer. If the AP EFT functionality is NOT implemented, we suggest disabling these fields.


Purchase Order Registry for TechAnywhere

Setting Key: EditTechAnywherePOs

Setting Value: warning OR error

The TechAnywhere Post sets the Job Quantity Ordered / Received to zero so that the parts do not import to the WO (double up) because TechAnywhere post these to the WO when complete. Changing a TechAnywhere PO may have adverse effects by negating this special post.

Setting Key: DisabledFieldsParent
Setting Value:  
po.rmt-vndrmlto: vndrmlto.id, a-prchseordr: prchseordr.addrss-rmt: addrss-po-rmt: addrss-strt

This option prevents entering a different Vendor / Address on the Purchase Order’s Remit To Tab. If none of your Vendor are part of a consortium (where the Remit To would legitimately be needed), this entry may be enabled to prevent possible fraud.


Setting Key: DefaultEmailSender  

Setting Value: validemailaddress

If a 'From' email address cannot be determined from the User's Contact Record (for reports) or the Notification Category (for Scheduled Events), this email address will be used instead.



Setting Key: ExportToPMWorkOrder

Setting Value:  ERROR

Allowing Quotes to be billed on PM Work Orders is a bad idea for any number of reasons.


Job Cost Category

Setting Key: EditTechAnywherePOs

Setting Value: warning OR error

More of the parent tab is shown so that the GL Expense Account is displayed without scrolling down.

Id: sys-viewer-varrcptslst

AR Cash Receipts
Setting Key: ChildTabs
Setting Value:
Most users will never need to use the Other tab. Implementing this option restricts the child tabs to those on the list (in this case, AR). Note that the ‘ar’ in the Setting Value MUST be lowercase.

Recent Critical Report Updates

It is advisable to install all updated reports from the .rar files for that version. The following table only lists reports updated during that last two years: additional reports may need to be updated on your system.

Report Name / Id

Report Date for Version/Build


Expired Insurance Notice Report



Revised report  dated  provides for bitmap placement when emailing your Vendors with new Line fields on report range that can be initialized to accommodate the graphic.

Profitability Analysis Report (RPRFTRPT.rpt)


7.0 and up

Now includes filtering by the job billing item. This report shows billing details by contract items and can now be sorted by both the billing item and job which will show revenue earned first by each job account and second totals for bill item.

Consolidated Invoice Report



9.0 and up

Report supports Consolidated Invoices which combine multiple AR invoices. Report Includes AR Invoice ID, purchase number, site name, invoice subtotal, tax amount, and total invoice amount for each invoice being consolidated. Also lists WO's associated with invoices, and the Consolidated Invoice description. The total line corresponds to the consolidated invoice subtotal, tax, and total amount. The registry for this report includes bitmap placement and auto emailing functionality.

Report Bank Deposit Journal



9.0 and above

New report prints Journal Entries and receipts by the bank GL Account. The Start/End date is based on the Bank Deposit Effective Date.

Report Commissions by Amount Invoiced



This report requires that total received must match total invoiced to prevent qualifying an invoice for commission prior to the complete payment. Previously, invoices were missing if a discount was applied. This version shows such invoices as well as the computation for the amount received.

Report Site Service History (RSRVCEHSTRYDTL.rpt)


New range filter: Equipment Type Id.

Report PM WorkOrder List (RPMWRKORDRLST.rpt)


This release plus the revised report supports the OrderBy registry for  Start Create PM Work Orders so the checklist and the report appear in the same order.  

SYBASE Users: If the Site Equipment's Inspection Date is referenced in the OrderBy statement in sys-start-scrtepmwo, see Help for this registry for the OrderBy format required.

Report PR Deductions Detail



The revised report includes a new filter range for the GL Entity ID which relates to the GL entity assigned to the employee records.

Report W2 Electronic File



7.2 and above

Support registry options for Philadelphia and Oklahoma submissions.

Revised to allow successful submission with the "Permitted Benefits Under a Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement" change made this year. We don't support the processing of these fields, but the revised report fills the required fields with zeros so that it can be submitted successfully.

Report AP Check Register (RAPCHEKv72b001.rpt)


7.2 and above

New range filter, Check Number, allows user to print  register for a range of check/eft numbers.

Report AP 1099 (rap1099.rpt)

Also titled Report Vendor 1099


Supports registry to add State EIN.

Report AP 1099 Electronic Files



The new report function creates the file that is used to submit 1099's electronically. Requires registries.

Report WIP Summary 2 (% Completion Method)



8.0 and up

New report calculates Total Estimated Revenue from Billing Item Contract Amounts. For CO's, Date Change Approved must be <= to the Ending Date to appear on report.

Report Jobs in Progress



8.0 and up

Replaces Over/Under Billed column heading w/ Total Billed JTD - Cost JTD. CO Amount is only included in Total Revised Contract if CO Date Approved is <= the report's Ending Date.

Report Payroll GL Accounts



7.0 and up

Adds GL Account range.

Report Customer Statement



8.0 and up

Replaces 'Print Zero Balance Statements' with more flexible 'Print Statements With Balance Over' field.
Prints consolidated invoice description.
Registry to customize 'Zero Dollar Statement'.
Can include PDF'd invoices; See Customer Note 7.2.2 or  Customer Statement Registry .

Report Customer Statement 2



7.0 and up

Includes a Print Zero Balance Statements? option. Registry allows the standard 'Zero Dollar Statement' text to be customized; also see Customer Note 7.2.3.

Report AR Aging



7.0 and up

Revised report uses the branch specified in the COP order itself and if blank uses Site Branch. .

Logic to get customer's PO# from Job if PO is blank in Invoice Master/Work Order so that the PO# is shown for RININV3 Invoices.

Progress Invoice Template 3



7.2 and up

New bitmap override by job registries.

Revised report adds the Site Address to the right-hand side of the CANADA header format.

Service Invoice




New bitmap override by job registries.

New registry to print email address and street address on auto-emailed invoices.

Supports registry options to skip print Negative, $0,  $0 DUE (e.g., COD), and emailed invoices.

Supports attachment of TechAnywhere Receipts / other docs to emailed invoices.

Report Quote Form (Standard)




Quote reprints the Scope heading (Option #1 (Continued)) when the Scope spans multiple pages. 

New bitmap override by job registries.

Supports negative tax for negative scopes and quote totals.

Report Payroll Worksheet



New Option: Include Dir Deposit Section?
When checked, employees with no check issued will show the info from the Direct Deposits tab in the Employee record. For employees with a check issued the report will show direct deposit info from the check table.

Drilldown Service Profitability Component Report (CSERPFT1.rpt)


This revised component report  corrects an error when drilling down from the Drilldown Service Profitability report.

Report AR Sales Journal Post Summary (RARSLSJRNLPSTNG.rpt)


The revised report supports Report Totals Debit Amounts exceeding $9,999,999.

Report Credit Card Expiration



This report is designed to alert users to upcoming Credit Card expiration dates in the Client Site for payment processing.

Report Credit Card Expiration Master



This report  lists upcoming Credit Card expiration dates in the Master Contract Site List for payment processing.

Report Profitability by Client (DCPFTRv73b029.rpt)



Enhances how billed costs are calculated for Labor, Material, Other, and Subcontract  at the Client,  Site, and Bill Item Summary levels.

Sales Summary by Sales Rep


Correctly displays current year's sales amount if more than one Sales Rep is specified on the Job's Commissions tab.

Report Journal Listing GL Entries



Fixes a sporadic issue where the report did not match the GL Journal viewer total debits and credits.

Report Job Cost Details – Direct



This new report resembles Report Job Billing Details but skips all overhead jobs in order to prevent users from seeing confidential data.

Report AP Vendor Payment History (RVNDRPYMNTHSTRY)


New report shows the total amount paid by select vendors based on a beginning and ending date range. These two dates correlate with the AP history effective date. The report detail includes the vendor ID, vendor name, city, state, and total amount paid to that vendor.

Report Vendor Payment History VNDRPYMNTS.rpt


Revised to display the 1099 Category of each Vendor. 1099 Category range added. Assists in the preparation of the 1096.

Record Notes

Screens Impacted


GL Reporting Period

Define GL Reporting Periods for at least the next full year. If a ‘beginning’ period was used to load data, set the Start Date to the beginning of the loading year (not 01-01-1900) before upgrading.

GL Account Type

The GL Account Type's Category field is used by DBAnalytics. Review all  GL Account Types and set the Category field appropriately if needed.

Work Order
Dispatch Board

The system allows multiple lines on the Work Order Technician tab with the same Tech Id and Date but a different Time Scheduled (TechAnywhere

AP Journal


Main Tab - GL Entity: Sets the GL Entity for manual checks, EFT and CC/DR Card transactions when posting to a Bank Account.  Previously it only assigned an Entity to the AP Control Account and Discounts Earned. Because of this change:

If InterCompany IS enabled, specify Corporate GL Entity for the company.

If InterCompany is NOT enabled, BLANK this field for manual checks, EFT and CC transactions to avoid Bank Reconciliation issues.  

Location Record


The system uses the GL Entity from the WO-INV line's Location record. Setting the GL Entity in the Location record ensures that the Credit GL Entity defaults when items are entered on the WO Inventory tab. This field is required if Intercompany Processing is enabled.

Pay Type

PTO Accrual Exclusion

(primarily for Province of Alberta, CA)

Fields are only applicable if Pay Type=PTO and PTO Accrual Method = Percent. Previously, only vacation wages were excluded from the vacation accrual wage base. The PTO Accrual Exclusions fields were added so the types of wages to exclude could be selected.

Important Upgrade Note: you must flag the applicable boxes in PTO records for these wages to be excluded from the accrual wage base. After upgrading to version 9.0 from 7.3 or before, carefully review your Pay Type records to see if changes should be made.