AP Check Detail


This report is designed to provide vendors with a supporting document for AP Checks containing summary information.


The printed AP checks are limited to 23 lines of detail. For checks exceeding 23 lines of detail, this report may be printed and attached to the check that is sent to the vendor. We recommend that you enter at least the Check Date and Line Count ranges listed below.

Report Description:

The header portion of the AP Check Detail lists:

Check #  Check Date  Check Amount  Vendor Id  Vendor Name

A detail line for each vendor invoice will also be listed. Each line displays the following information:

Description  PO #  Invoice No., Date, Amount  Amount Pd  Discount Net Paid

A total for all lines is included.

Important Fields:

Report Options:
The Report Options selector pane controls how the report will be output. Click Report Options to learn more.

You may enter a unique, alphanumeric name to save and identify your customized report Range (for example, a specific Vendor or Vendors). Ranges are defined by the contents of the ID field(s). Your default Id fields will not be saved unless you name your range.

Hint: You can create user-defined report ranges that are available to all users with access to that report. To do so, the first character of the named range should be an asterisk. Named ranges beginning with an asterisk will appear on all users' report ranges options so that they can be selected (but not altered) by any user with access to that report. Only the user that created the report range is allowed to alter it.

Check Number:
The number of the check for which you wish to print the detail.

Check Date
The date as it appears on the check(s) in yyyy-mm-dd format. You may double-click to display the calendar viewer to enter the date.

Vendor Id:
To limit this report to a specific vendor, enter the Vendor Id or double-click on this field to select from a list of Id's.

GL Entity Id:
If your company departmentalizes or uses profit centers for Vendor checks, enter the appropriate GL Entity to print the report for. Note that the system uses the combination of GL Entity and GL Account Number. Therefore, depending upon how your company data is set up, you would most likely always specify a GL Entity, or never specify a GL Entity.

GL Account Id:
This field may be entered to limit the report to the specific bank (cash) account on which these checks are drawn. Double-click on this field to select from a list of Id's.

Line Count:
This field is used to limit this report to only those checks whose line count is in within this range. We recommend that you set this range to 23_999 to limit this report to only those checks listing summary information.

Important Buttons:

image\go.gif Click to run the report.