AP Date to Pay List (Vendor Date to Pay / Select Invoices for Payment)


Verifies and enables the user to modify the information that will be used to generate AP checks. The system restricts this list to vendors with outstanding balances greater than zero.


Enable Pay All Invoices button.


This function should be run after recording AP transactions but before printing AP checks. It provides a final verification of the payment date, amount and discount (if any) of any eligible AP vouchers on the system. This function is required if a partial payment is to be made. It may also be used to release retainage payments.

The Select Invoices for Payment function skips the update if the Vendor Invoice 'original' Invoice Amount / Id has changed (by editing the AP Journal entry) while it is executing. AP Journal transactions must be saved before running this function.

Vendor Insurance (Subcontractors)
This function is sensitive to blocking payments from the insurance record referenced in the Vendor (typically implemented for Subcontractors); a warning will display when insurance is expired. However, the expired box will only fill in if expired insurance is combined with a "block payment" insurance type. Only Date To Pay invoices that show a checked expired box will be denied payment.

Vendor Insurance and Blocked Payments

If the Vendor’s insurance is expired, and the Insurance Required flag is set in the Vendor record AND the Block Payments flag is set in the Insurance record, you will not be able to pay the vendor. To override the Block Payment and cut a check for the vendor:

Go into the vendor viewer and uncheck the Insurance Required box for this vendor and save. This will release the lock placed on the vendor during the Select Invoices for Payment processing and allow you to enter a pay date and pay the invoice.

After finishing the payment you should go back into the vendor viewer and recheck the Insurance Required box and save.

Important Fields: Initial Range Screen

Take Discounts Do On or After This Date
The date discounts will be taken as of. Press the spacebar to enter today's date, or double-click to select from a calendar.

To ALWAYS take the discount enter 01011900 into the Date 'Take Discounts Due on or After this date'.

The user must hit GO in 'Select Invoices for Payment' to update Vendor Invoice data.  The Vendor Invoice table is used to print checks.  The Check Date does not determine if a discount is 'taken' or 'lost'.

Vendor Id:
Enter a Vendor Id to limit this list to a specific vendor. Multiple vendors can be specified by separating their Id's with a comma (ACME,JONES,BRILLIANT).

Invoice Id:
The vendor invoice number recorded in the AP Journal. If you leave this range blank, all eligible entries will be selected.

Next Pay Date:
Enter a date in yyyy-mm-dd format (or double-click to select from a list) to limit the list to a specific day (or range of days: 2014-01-01_2014-01-08).

Due Date:
Enter a date in yyyy-mm-dd format (or double-click to select from a list) to limit the list to a specific day (or range of days that your payments are due: 2017-01-01_2017-01-08).

Branch Id:
Enter a Branch Id to limit this list to a specific branch.

If you leave this field blank, both pay-when-paid and regular vendors will be included. To list only pay-when-paid vendors, enter a Y in this field. To exclude pay-when-paid vendors, enter a N in this field.

Vendor Type Id:
This field enables you to run this function according to the Type of Vendor (e.g., subs, distributors, etc.). Enter a Vendor Type or double-click to select from a list.

 Click the Go button; the system will generate a list of items to be paid. These may be adjusted as described below.

Important Fields: List Screen

The list is sorted as follows: Vendor Alpha Id, Vendor Id, and Vendor Invoice Number.

Vendor Id: Invoice Number:
The Vendor's id and invoice numbers (defaults from the AP Journal).

Pay Date:
The date to appear on the AP check. This field defaults from the Date to Pay field in the AP Journal, but may be changed by the user (e.g., if a discount is to be taken).

Gross Payment
The gross amount of the next payment. This field defaults from the AP Journal, but may be changed by the user if a partial payment will be made.

Discount To Take:
If a discount is to be deducted from the gross, enter the amount of the discount. Generally, this will be the Discount Available.

Vendor Invoices that run through this process will have their Discount Available and Next Discount to Take values corrected.  The positive values will become negative for Credit Memos. Validation ensures that the sign on a manually entered Discount Amount is consistent with the Gross Amount.  In other words, a Credit Memo can't have a positive Discount to Take value, and a Purchase can't have a negative value.

Net Payment
The net amount of the next payment (gross - discount). This field is maintained by the system and shows the actual dollar amount of the next check to be issued to this vendor when you run Report AP Checks.

A/P Invoiced: Amt Unpaid:
These display-only fields are maintained by the system.

Retainage to Pay:
The amount of retainage to pay (included in the Gross Amount). The Retainage to Pay cannot exceed the Gross Amount or Retainage Unpaid fields.

Retainage Unpaid:
This display-only field is maintained by the system based on your AP/PO entries. Note that the actual amount of retainage that you choose to pay cannot exceed the dollar amount of this field.

Discount Avail Discount Due
Vendor Name: Pay-When-Paid: Hold for Approval:
These display-only fields are maintained by the system.

GL Discount Account:
This field may be edited. Changes will be written to history and the vendor invoice master record.

Insurance Required? Insurance Expired?
These display-only fields are maintained by the system.

Check Description
A brief description of this invoice. This will print on the check stubs.

AP Invoice No: Vendor Alpha Id:
Note that the Vendor Alpha Id provides the initial sorting criteria for this list.

 This button is particularly useful for resetting the Gross Payment and Discount to Take if it was previously cleared by voiding a check. When this button (enabled via registry) is clicked, a window prompts the user to enter the Date to Pay and Discounts Date. When the user enters the dates and clicks OK, the Gross Amount, Discount and Retainage fields will be completed based on the dates entered; the user may adjust these values as needed.  

 After making any needed adjustments, click the Go button. The information on the Date to Pay list will be used by the system when you generate AP checks with the Report AP Checks function. Once an AP Check has been successfully printed, the amount due will no longer be included on the AP Date to Pay List.

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