Activating the Software


This screen may be accessed to enable a one-time session for a user logging on under the support id. This should only be done under the instruction of your Data-Basics support rep.


In previous versions, this screen was used to reactivate Data-Basics' software license. A vrgstry.cus file (generated by Data-Basics) is now required for this purpose.

Internal Support: Licensing Protection

Important Fields:

Activation Code
You must report this display-only code to a Data-Basics support representative while you are at your computer.

Expiration Date Id:
Enter the Expiration Date as instructed by Data-Basics.

Activation Key:
Based on the activation code and expiration date, your Data-Basics support representative will generate an Activation Key. You must enter this key exactly as you are instructed to do so.

When the Key has been entered, click the Activate Software button. If the Activate screen disappears, you have successfully logged on for a one-time use.

If you enter your Expiration Date or Activation Key incorrectly, and then click the Activate Software button, the system will alert you and should carefully re-enter this information. Ask your support representative to repeat the Date and Code for you.