Add Record Button

image\ADDREC.gif Version 7.3+: image\SKIN1_AddRecord.gif

Pressing the Add Record button saves the information that you have entered in a new (blank) record to the database.

image\N_ADDREC.gif Version 7.3+: image\SKIN1_AddRecord-.gif

If this record has already been saved, the Add Record button will be disabled. If you attempt to add the record, the system will display the message that "Add is not valid for an existing record." If this message appears, press the OK button in the message box. Select the Change Record Button (to save the changes that you have made to this existing record), or the Blank Record Button (to clear the entry fields so that you can create a new record).

Using an Existing Record as a Template for a New Record

1. Display the record that you wish to use as the template.

2. Type in the Id for the new record you wish to create, and then press Enter. The Add Record button will now be enabled.

3. Make any necessary changes to the new record and then click the Add Record button. The record will be added and the caret repositioned to 'home' position - typically the first field in the screen.