Anywhere Suite Updates For SAMPro Versions 9.1.611.047d

CRMAnywhere IIS: 1.0.12 - 9.1.611.047

- Supports SAMPro 9.1.611.047d


- Supports SAMPro 9.1.611.047d

DBAnalytics V1.1.005 / JAVA FMAnywhere V1.1.005

- Supports SAMPro 9.1.611.047d

IIS DBAnalytics - - 002

- Fixed Web Help reference path

- Added new subfilters/fixed typos

- Fixed Dispatcher comments in Managers dispatch board being undefined

- Added override property for filters that allow using the specific name in a filter

- Fixed bug where unavailable tech time in the Managers Dispatch Board would not show.

- Fixed bug where the View All Documents feature was not working with the Data Compression method.

- Replaced SQL Server data cache with IIS no SQL data cache for performance improvements and reduced SQL server data throughput.

- Removed decimal points from display for charts.

- Added the Forecast Under Actual feature as the new standard for the Job Forecasting (with actual cost).

- Corrected WBS Import tool for case sensitivity.

- Implemented a data compression technique for KPI data transfer, reducing the size of messages.

- Renamed column headers are no longer being calculated twice, speeding table creation.

- Restored widgets are now refreshed properly.

- Added a way to specify sub filter default values on a per-KPI basis.

- Created a way to disable pinning of a drilldown.

- Fixed a bug where local column filtering on a large dataset was very delayed by adding a slight delay to see if more letters are being typed before calculating.

- Fixed a bug where the ViewEntityGroup filter did not properly support entityGroup Like filter.

- Fixed a bug where a blank GL Entity Id would cause an error.

- Changed the default note access level from private to public.

- Added new subfilters

Job Scheduler V1.0.0010

- Supports SAMPro 9.1.611.047c

SubAnywhere v2.2j

- Now displays Schedule Time

- Several bug fixes

TechAnywhere V4.1.059.014 – 025

- Fix new purchase orders for classic quote mode configurations 

- Add Upload Now? checkbox when attaching a document to immediately upload at that time

- Add option to view and edit work order user fields. Similar feature to the Equipment User fields.

 - Improve summary screen scrolling

- Improve manual document download to first try to download the file before prompting error

 - Prevent upload of zero byte files 

- Fix word wrapping in quote summary screen

- Relabel "Fax" to "Fax/Cell" in WO Information

- Add ability to rename documents before they are transmitted. Long click document for option to rename

- Receipt/Invoice generation improvements

- Add option to set the quote flat rate taxable flag 

- Fix login issues for Android 9.0

- Fix status change GPS caching


Electronic Payments Enhancements (015 and up):

- New config to utilize the production API. "configEnableEPLive":true/false (default false)

- Transaction logs will now attach to work order

- Generating a reoccurring alias will first preauthorize the card for $1 to ensure it is valid

Custom Field support to send the following tokens during every transaction:

1=WorkOrderId, 2=User/TechId, 3=SiteId

TimeAnywhere V2.0.001.015

-      Supports SAMPro 9.1.611.047c

Web Dispatch / New Call V1.0.0.106

-       Bug fixes and performance enhances

-  Add ability to save Unassigned Filter settings

-       Display Cost & Revenue totals, and Gross Margin percentages

-       Added WO User fields

-       Invoice Review button functionality added

-       WO Editor no longer closes by default upon save

-       Add ability to launch the New Call Create function from WO list analytic

-       New editable fields on WO Editor screen including Date & Time Earliest Start, WO PO#, Original Caller, Dispatcher Id, Branch Id, WO Email Address, WO Closing Call Script Id, Store # (display only)

-       Enhance functionality of WO editor with several additional tabs including:

o    Technicians

o    Call Scripts

o    Milestones

o    Inventory

o    Other

o    Notes

o    Documents

Anywhere Suite Updates For SAMPro Version 9.1.611.046b

Recommended/Required For SAMPro Version 9.1.611.046b (2018-09-07)

CRMAnywhere IIS: 1.0.12 - 9.1.611.046

- Supports SAMPro 9.1.611.046


- Supports SAMPro 9.1.611.046

DBAnalytics V1.1.005 / JAVA FMAnywhere V1.1.005

- Removed subfilters from FMAnywhere. (could present too much information that should be restricted to FMAnywhere users)

- Removed the import/export tabs from FMAnywhere temporarily (will be restored in a later version).

IIS DBAnalytics - (Available Soon)

- Added a new Profile menu option that allows the user to change their password in DBAnalytics.

- Created a new Include Current option in the date picker that includes the current time period.

- Created a new SubSelect feature that allows user to specify additional columns present in analytic.

- Added support for the sys-security-overrides registry that works with intercompany processing.

- Fixed a bug where selecting a row/column in a Generic Table, then clicking the drilldown button would change the results.

- Fixed a bug where dates that are converted automatically from the yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss format to the mm/dd/yyyy format would not be properly filtered in a drilldown from a pivot table.

- Fixed a bug where filter tooltips would persist and block drilldowns.

- Various bug fixes with resource conflicts, log files, filtering.

Job Scheduler V1.0.009

- Supports SAMPro 9.1.611.046 including the new Tech Statuses of Parts Backorder, Parts Issue, Parts Shipped and Wait Tracking.

SubAnywhere v2.2g

- Various internal fixes to save/load pages, pop-up notifications and downloading a document multiple times.

- Equipment flagged as Deny TA Access will no longer be available, forcing the sub to pick the correct equipment. A configuration may be used to hide this Equipment.

TechAnywhere V4.1.059.014

- Fixed receipt generation force close when duplicate scheduled dates exist for same work order.

TimeAnywhere V2.0.001.010 – V2.0.001.015

- Foreman Recent Selections to show recent selections for all employees rather than just recently for themselves (9.1 feature)

             - Recent Selections will drop off after 30 days of inactivity for that job/work order

             - Recent Selections will drop off when the work order or job is closed

- Improve and fix hover over text. Text no longer gets in the way and is now accurate to what is under the mouse cursor

- Fix double click bugs when adding/saving records in Mobile version

- Limiting Crews to ‘Created By You’ limits Crew selection throughout the rest of TimeAnywhere

- Add employee middle initial

- Enhance crew/employee multi-select and add employee search in Mobile version

- Default to blank cost category rather than first in list if labor rate does not have default specified

- Fix Time Review issue when switching between foreman and individual in Mobile version

- Fix Expenses Extended Cost calculation when selecting other rates

- Fix issue of Bill Item not defaulting in when only 1 Cost Code

- Time Review hover over will display the Labor Description of the entry

- Fix issue that made it seem like a submitted entry was still editable

             - Limit username field to 10 characters to match SAMPro

             - Various bug fixes

  Web Dispatch / New Call V1.0.0.83

-  Supports the new Tech Statuses of Parts Backorder, Parts Issue, Parts Shipped and Wait Tracking.

- Fixed bug where GL Entity would drop from WO Other charge defaulting from Client Site record.

- Various performance fixes and debugging enhancements.

Recommended/Required For SAMPro Version 9.1.611.045 (2018-06-13)

CRMAnywhere IIS: 1.0.11 - 9.1.611.045

- Supports SAMPro 9.1.611.045.


- Corrects handling returns of invoiced items

- Corrects receipt generation failure for items with note record

- Corrects a force close error when entering Return Qty

- Allow partial CC payments

DBAnalytics V1.1.005 / JAVA FMAnywhere V1.1.005

- Correctly handles usernames with spaces

IIS DBAnalytics - (Available Soon)

- Created a new type of analytic filter called subfilters. Subfilters are automatically appended to the Filter section of the analytic settings based on the inclusion of the _id field of a table (jb.jb_id for jb, etc.). They are a static set of predefined optional filters that allow a user to filter to a small subset of records in a table using details that are included in the table or sibling or parent tables. The filtered rows are automatically applied to the KPI definition query. The initial set of subfilters include 168 subfilters across 15 tables (clnt, clntordr, clntste, emplye, glaccnt, glentty, glhstry, invcemster, jb, pyrllprd, pytype, tchncn, vndr, vndrinvce, wrkordr)

- Created a new ViewEntityGroups user registry that can be used to restrict KPIs that use the @GLEntityGroupId@ special variable to a preselected number of GL Entity Groups. This registry can be written in a way consistent with DBAnalytics/SAMPro filters.

- Created a disabled= javascript-based conditional that disables an input if the javascript snippet evalutes to true. (Can also use static true/false)

- Created a new Include Today option for the DateOption picker to allow lastX/nextX date option to go to/from today as an option and resolve an inconsistency between Last1Month and LastMonth.

- Created a New Fiscal Year option for the DateOption picker that will offset any year selections to the start of a fiscal year.

- Changed the default start of the week to Monday.

- Performance enhancements to the posting logic for Job Forecasting to greatly reduce posting times.

- Numerous bug and display fixes.

Job Scheduler V1.0.0.8

- Allow user access to Start Create Job Scheduler WOs

Web Dispatch / New Call V1.0.0.76

- - Technician drop down menus now list Tech Id and Tech Name

- Add FIT TO SCREEN enhancement to allow horizontal scrolling

- Add DISPLAY NOTIFICATIONS enhancement to show back-end SAMPro updates

- Add Drop Down list with additional date ranges

- Add ability to share Boards (IIS DBAnalytics)

- All Technician list will not display upon opening board if there are more than 30 technicians to improve initial load time (can adjust filters to show all)

- Corrects error in Techfinder

- Fixes bug in configuration for Create PO link on Work Order

- Corrects error found in Document tab of Work Order

SubAnywhere v2.1.9b

- Correct issue with multiple document downloads.  

- Handling the HTTP2 error messages.

- Header tabs and Help/Exit buttons now left justified.

- Allow quote charges to be adjusted unless the quote has been approved

TechAnywhere V4.1.059.011

- Corrects hyperlink error on receipts generation

- Equipment Replacement timing fixes and enhancements

- Submit Required Resources upon completion of work order if submit was originally missed

- New payment integration partner, Electronic Payments

- Deprecate configMaterialRateTableId setting

- Corrects issue where New Work Order changed the Work Code after saving WO Information

- Update Work Order Call Type during sync if changed in SAMPro

- Config to email Service Manager Quote Recap

- Option to disable Time Review

- Assorted fixes including PDF receipts, Flat Rate Revenue on Quote import, spurious error messages.

TimeAnywhere V2.0.001.009

- No recent changes (last updated for version 9.1.611.038)

Recommended/Required For SAMPro Version 9.1.611.042 (2018-02-15)

CRMAnywhere IIS: 1.0.10 - 9.1.611.042

- Supports SAMPro 9.1.611.042.

DBAnalytics V1.1.004 / JAVA FMAnywhere V1.1.004

Fixed a bug where chrome extensions could cause DBAnalytics not to load.

Web Dispatch / New Call V1.0.0.49

Supports the new Tech Status / Work Order Escalation Status of 'Over Budget'.

TechAnywhere V4.1.059.004

- Fix force close found on New Work Order Opening Call Scripts

- Fix Pay Type description storing to database in COD work orders.

-  Add ^JobId^ token to configNoteEmailSubject

- Add Date Opened to WO Information screens

- Add configurable warning when leaving required resources with unsubmitted entries.

- Display Inventory Location description in drop down lists

- Display Pay Type description in drop down lists

- Fix timing issues with quotes

- Refrigerant Used Tracking. Every time a technician checks the 'No Refrigerant Used' checkbox, the system logs a Break to track this activity.

- Option to customize Note email subject (used with configNoteEmailTo). "configNoteEmailSubject":"" Possible tokens include:

^SiteId^ - ^Site Name^ - ^Work Order Id^ - ^Tech Id^ - ^Tech Name^ - ^WorkCodeId^ - ^WorkCodeDescription^ - ^currentDate^

- Fix force close found when searching with a single quote (') in the material lookup

- Transmitted entries are now more clearly identified as transmitted. Checkmark on list screen and disabled fields on the entry

The DBSellpoint  and TimeAnywhere versions suggested for SAMPro 9.1.611.036a are also recommended for SAMPro 9.1.611.042.

Recommended/Required For SAMPro Version 9.1.611.038f (2018-01-12)

CRMAnywhere: 1.0.9 - 9.1.611.038

- Supports SAMPro 9.1.611.038f.

JAVA DBAnalytics V1.1.003 / JAVA FMAnywhere V1.1.003

-- Corrects editing/inserting notes

-  Fixed a bug where choosing a company would exclude items with a security rn of 0 when using the filter lookups.

IIS DBAnalytics: (includes IIS FMAnywhere)

- Added the ability to export and import tab/tab group templates that contain all the widgets and tabs.

-  Added the ability to share analytics to a specified user. This section will show up in the "***Shared to Me ***" section at the top of the shared part of the add analytics dialog. Users not shared to will not see the analytic.

-  Performance enhancement for Pivot Tables.

-  Tabs will not render until clicked so large tables and pivoted tables to be in the background but not be rendered until needed when a tab is clicked.

- Fixes to Column Rename, Column Fixed, Column Reordering, scrolling and filtering.

- Fixed bug where turning on application tracing in IIS could prevent error messages for the WBS Configurator Upload from showing.

- Changed the upload feature in the SOV Configurator so uploaded with existing IDs update the existing items instead of creating duplicates.

- Added @TableCalc@ feature to complement @TableSum@, @TableAvg@, @TableMin@, @TableMax@, @TableCount@. Javascript calculations can be performed using the other aggregate functions.

Exs: value=tableSum('Col1')/tableSum('Col2');  value=(tableSum('Col1')+tableAvg('Col2'))/(tableMin('Col3') * tableCount())

- Added automatic rendering that changes SQL Date Types to 'MM/DD/YYYY' format.

- Added the ability to share dispatch boards.

- Enhanced the Manage Dispatch Boards dialog. Each item now has an Open, Edit, Delete, Share button and editing will edit all fields at once. Pressing the Save button will save.

- Added Select All/Select None buttons to the View Documents dialog for selecting/deselecting all the filtered items for the multi document zip/pdf functions.

- Added optional sqlTimeout parameter to the web.config that allows extending the sqlTimeout for queries from the default 300 seconds.

- Fixed bug where duplicate file names in a zip file for the multi document zip feature would cause nothing to be returned. Duplicate file is renamed.

- Fixed bug where the transaction isolation level for queries would not always be set to READ UNCOMMITTED. This could cause database locking and slowdowns.

- Added exception handling (error messages) for the update table row function.

- Added code to clear uploaded files from the server directory after a week.

- Added a Column Width attribute that is available after right clicking a column header. Accepts em, ex, %, px, cm, mm, in, pt, pc length units (Numbers without units are converted to pixels). This will adjust the column to be the specified size (table minimums and maximums can override the specified values)

- Added Include Past and Include Future checkboxes to the date options. These take the date option and override either the start date or the end date or both.

- Rewrote PDFJoiner.Net to use PdfSharp.- Added error notifications for view documents.

- Added highlight on open when share subscription is on and the settings page is opened.

- Added highlight for drilldown dialog open.

- Fixed bug where shared analytics would not change when the search bar was used.

- Fixed bug where @ViewAllDocuments@ feature would incorrectly leave out documents attached to changed journal transactions.

- Fixed bug where filters, settings, and variable token names would be case sensitive when being replaced with defaults during a drilldown.

- Added back code that restricts filter lookups based on security Id.

- Fixed bug where the security id string would contain duplicate data.

- Job Progress performance fixes (query reduction).

- Fixed bug where drilldown hyperlinks in cells would not work when a table was reordered.

- Fixed bug where clicking on a row in a table that filters to that item on click could use the wrong column when filtering (resulting in no data being displayed).

- Fixed bug where analytics could be resized above the top of the tab pane.

- Fixed bug where the Column Fixed property changes would be overwritten by the value in the KPI Definition on load.

- Fixed bug where range filtering for filters ( _ ) was not working.

SubAnywhere v2.1.7_91

- PCR table implementation. If a piece of equipment has PCR values, they are now displayed and mandatory.

TechAnywhere V4.1.059.003

- Assorted fixes.

The DBSellpoint  and TimeAnywhere versions suggested for SAMPro 9.1.611.036a are also recommended for SAMPro 9.1.611.038a.

Recommended/Required For SAMPro Version 9.1.611.037 (2017-10-31)

SubAnywhere v2.1.6b_91

- Eliminates error "string was not a valid DateTime"
- A minimum value of 0.001 is required on the charge quantity to prevent negative amounts.  - Configuration controls number of work orders displayed in the list in desktop SubAnywhere.  - Assorted Internal changes, including fixes for relative pathing issues.
- List views now use shipping address instead of mailing address
- Corrects blank city/state on List Views


- In process; contact Support for availability.

The DBAnalytics, DBSellpoint, FMAnywhere, TechAnywhere and TimeAnywhere versions suggested for SAMPro 9.1.611.036a are also recommended for SAMPro 9.1.611.037  

Recommended/Required For SAMPro Version 9.1.611.036a (2017-10-10)

DBSellpoint V

- Supports SAMPro Version 9.1
. Fixed end of day report when check amount was entered as blank
- Fixed force close in sales review when clicking invoice

IIS CRMAnywhere 1.0.7 - 9.1.611.036

- Also requires IIS DBAnalytics

IIS DBAnalytics: (includes IIS FMAnywhere)

- Secure and Web-Enabled for easy access.

JAVA DBAnalytics V1.1.002 / JAVA FMAnywhere V1.1.002

-Fixed a bug where the export button did not display in Chrome. A blank puzzle piece button now displays that when clicked will prompt the user to run flash.
- The time stamp for analytics now displays properly on initial load, corrected a problem in certain browsers.

SubAnywhere v2.1.4z5_91

- Handles blank driver names from Fleetmatics (SageQuest) registry.

TechAnywhere V4.1.059.001

- Fix refrigerant tracking form repeating extraneous tables after work order was rescheduled.
- Hyperlinking telephone numbers can be configured with <a href=’tel:’>
- Fix force close caused when sometimes using common phrases
- Show hyperlinks in Site History Work Requested and Quote Summary
- Fix attaching multiple photos from the Google Photos application
- Fix issue with RAQ receipt/invoice customizations

TimeAnywhere V2.0.001.009

- Combine search options to simplify Job and Work Order search. Now combines ID & Name into 1 search field
- Add ability to search for job by site address (clntste_addrss_shp_addrss)
- Now supports Sybase database compatibility
- Option to remember choice for ‘switch to mobile’ question when trying to open the main TimeAnywhere on a mobile device
- Assorted fixes to TimeAnywhere Mobile