Asset Type


Define the types of Assets owned or leased by your company (e.g., Truck, Backhoe, Computer) for reporting and classification purposes.


Referenced in the Asset record’s Main tab.

Important Fields:

Asset Type Id:
Uniquely defines this type of Asset.

Asset Type Name:
Briefly decribes this type Asset - not required but strongly recommended.

If this field is checked, the record is considered Obsolete, and it may not be directly specified during data-entry (either by entering the Id or selecting it from a list). Obsoleted records can be edited and the Obsolete option can be un-done when necessary. When you check the Obsolete field, the following message box will be displayed:

“You have elected to obsolete this record. Would you like to see existing references to this record?”

If you click Yes, the system will display a viewer that provides click-through access to all tables referencing this record: