Bank Transfer Journal


This function enables you to easily transfer funds from account to account, mirroring in your database the actual disposition of funds in your accounts.


This function eliminates the need to create general journal entries to transfer funds.

The user is now prevented from editing a Bank Transfer Journal entry that has been Reconciled in the Bank Reconciliation journal. The user will also be warned when accessing a Reconcile entry.

Important Fields: Upper Section

Total Transfer:
This display-only field is calculated by the system based on the total Credits you have entered in the Transfer tab.

Bank Entity: Bank Account Id:
The GL Entity (if any) and GL Account the money is being transferred into. The system verifies that the GL Account Type is set to 'Bank' for this account.

When Intercompany Processing is enabled, the Bank Entity is required: it decides which Company/Service the transfer belongs to. The Transfer From Entity is also required for Intercompany Processing.

Period Id:
Enter the Period Id to which this transfer is assigned. Enter an active Period Id, or double-click to select from a list.

Effective Date:
The Effective Date of the Transfer. This date must fall within the range defined by the Period you selected.

Transaction Id:
This field will be completed by the system when you save/change this transaction.

Transaction Description:
Briefly describes this transaction.

Entered By: Date Entered: Time Entered: Security Id:
Completed by the system when this transaction is initially entered.

Company Id:
This field will be completed by the system if Intercompany Security is implemented.

Date Reconciled:
This field will be completed if the Parent entry has been reconciled in the Bank Reconciliation Journal.

Important Fields: Transfer From Tab

GL Account: Entity:
The account and Entity that money is being transferred out of.

When Intercompany Processing is enabled, the Transfer From Entity is required.

Credit Amount:
The amount that the GL Account should be credited by.

Briefly describe the reason for this transaction.

Specifies the Company the Transfer is from if Intercompany Security is enabled.

Recon Id: Recon Date:
The Bank Reconciliation Transaction Id and Date for this line if it has been reconciled.

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