Branch Viewer


Create, maintain and select the branches of your company.


Create a Branch record for the Main office and subsidiary offices to identify employees with specific branches.


Referenced in Records: Client Site, Employee, Security, User.

Registry Entries:

The following global settings are related to Branch and Security Settings:

Security Override by Job

Hard Block on Branch Filtering

Set Branch Prefix on Record Id's

Branch Override from Job

Important Fields – Upper Section:

Branch Id: (10 character, only . and - special characters allowed)
A unique Id. This field is required.

Branch Name: (40 character)
This field is optional but recommended.

Street Address:  Voice Phone:  Fax Phone:
The information for this branch.

Contact 1   Contact 2
The First Name, Last Name, Salutation, Title, Phone, Extension, Cell Phone and Fax numbers, and Email Address of the main contacts at the Branch.

Date Closed:
Enter this date only if the branch has been closed. Double-click on this field to display the Calendar viewer or enter the Date Closed in mmddyyyy format.

Date Opened:
This field is optional. Double-click on this field to display the Calendar viewer or enter the Date Opened in mmddyyyy format.

If this field is checked, the record is considered Obsolete, and it may not be directly used for data-entry (either by entering the Id or selecting it from a list). Obsoleted records can be edited and the Obsolete option can be un-done when necessary. When you check the Obsolete field, the following message box will be displayed:

“You have elected to obsolete this record. Would you like to see existing references to this record?”

If you click Yes, the system will display a viewer that provides click-through access to all tables referencing this record: see References List for details.

Time Zone Id:
This field is required if centralized dispatching over multiple time zones is implemented on your system. Enter an appropriate Time Zone Id, or double-click on this field to select from a list.

Branch Prefix:
This is a 2-character field can be used to prefix various SAMPRO auto-sequenced Id fields.  For example, if "CL" is the prefix for the Cleveland branch, then each work order created for Cleveland could begin with CL followed by the next sequential work order number IF the appropriate registry is implemented; see Global Settings Branch Prefix for details.

NOTE: this enhancement DOES NOT implement separate record sequencers by branch.  Consider the case of a company with branches in Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati.  Standard SAMPRO code would assign Work Order Ids sequentially based on the value contained in the database table named nextwo.  Code from this case would take the "standard" sequential value and prefix it with the appropriate branch prefix.  The actual work order id assignments might look like this ...
  CL100001  (Cleveland)
  CI100002  (Cincinnati)
  CL100003  (Cleveland)
  CO100004  (Columbus)

The code that determines which branch prefix to use varies depending on the record.


Service Categories Tab

Service Category Id: Call Script:
You may use this tab to specify the list of services (and their associated Call Scripts) that this Branch performs. This information is available for reporting purposes and is displayed in the Branch Services field of New Call 2, but is not used to filter the list of Service Categories available to the user or include call scripts in work orders.

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