Buttons are used to perform a variety of tasks, including accessing the dispatch board, editing records, etc. Buttons may be located along the top or side of your screen according to the type of function they perform. To view information about a button, position the mouse cursor over the button and then click the right mouse button; a balloon will appear briefly describing the button.

image\IdSearch.gif This enhancement enables the addition of the Id Lookup button to the right-hand side of Id fields. This enhancement lets the user easily see which fields are Id fields, and also select the field AND bring up the list in a single click of the button. See Global Settings Enable Id Search Buttons for details on enabling this option.

image\IdSearch-.gif This functionality also supports disabled fields. If a field is disabled, the grayed out version of the Id Search button will be displayed, and the user will not be able to access the field by clicking on the button.

To view more detailed information about a particular type of button (and its keyboard equivalent), click on one of the following topics:

Top Bar Buttons
Side Bar Buttons
Dispatch Board Buttons

Buttons - Single (Detail Line) View

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