CRMAnywhere Guest Login for Confirm Appointment


This registry setting is required to implement the Appointment Confirmation functionality.

Important Fields:

Registry Id: web-settings-guest

URL for Guest Page

Setting Key: URL Setting Value: URL of guest page

Statuses for Confirmed and Rejected Work Order

These options control the status changes that will occurred when the customer confirms or rejects the appointment. Only WO Tech lines with the Date/Time Scheduled that match the web page get updated to the new status. The WO Escalation Status gets updated when the WO is escalated which happens shortly after updating the WO Tech lines.

Setting Key: ConfirmedStatus Setting Value: valid tech status (e.g., Scheduled)

Setting Key: RejectedStatus Setting Value: valid tech status (e.g., Rescheduled)

Messages for Confirmed and Rejected Work Orders

These options specify the message to display when an appointment is confirmed or rejected.

Setting Key: ConfirmedMessage Setting Value: message for confirmed appointment

Setting Key: RejectedMessage Setting Value: message for rejected appointment

Specify the password and user id for the Guest page

Note that system, not the user, will manage the login using the following settings.

Setting Key:GuestUID Setting Value: guest

Setting Key: GuestPWD Setting Value: guest