Calendar Date Viewer


This table was created for use with DB Analytics (see DB Analytics Overview ) to simplify KPI definitions and reporting in general. This table is created and updated during data conversion to version 8.0 using the information in your GL Reporting Period records.  After that, it is automatically updated by creating/editing GL Reporting Period records.

GL Reporting Beginning Period: If a ‘beginning’ period was established for loading data, the Start Date should be set to the beginning of the loading year, not the ‘blank’ date (01011900).


The records in this viewer are managed by the system and should not be added or altered by the user directly. One record is created for each day defined in a GL Reporting Period when the GL Reporting Period is added or saved. The system calculates fields such as the fiscal year, day of the week and day of the month (long and short formats).

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GL Reporting Period

KPI Definition

Important Fields:

Date Id:
The Id for each record corresponds to the day in yyyy-mm-dd format.

The Date in alphanumeric form.

Reporting Period Id: Description:
These fields default from the GL Reporting Period this day is associated with.

Calendar Year: Calendar Quarter: Calendar Month: Calendar Week: Calendar Day:
Day of Year: Day of Week: Period Title:
These fields are calculated by the system based on the Start Date of the GL Reporting Period. The Day of the Week is calculated so that KPI’s that compare the current and previous year take the day of the week into consideration.

Fiscal Year: Fiscal Period: Report Title:
The fields default from the GL Accounting Period associate with this record.

Day of Year:
The day of the Fiscal year (calculated by the system, based on information in the GL Reporting Period).

Period First Day: Period Last Day:
The system uses the GL Reporting Period Start and End dates to determine if this date record should be flagged as a Period First or Last Day.

Year First Day: Year Last Day:
The system used the GL Reporting Period to determine if this date record should be flagged as the fiscal Year First Day or fiscal Year Last Day.