Calendar Viewer


A perpetual calendar that easily allows you to select a particular date days, weeks or months ahead.


Double-click on a date or date range field to access the calendar.

Important Fields:

Date Selected:
By default, today's date is selected when you first open the calendar. If you simply click the take back button at this point, today's date (as set on your computer) will be entered. (You can enter the current date without accessing the Calendar by simply pressing Spacebar). Alternately, you can select a different date as discussed below.

When you first open the Calendar, the current month is selected. Click on the image\MonthPrevious.gif image\MonthNext.gif buttons to select the following or previous month.

The days of the month are displayed in calendar format. Click on a date to select it.

Important Buttons:

When the date is correctly selected, click the Set Value button located on the side button bar. You will automatically return the selected date to the viewer from which you accessed the Calendar.