Capture SQL History

Help Menu Option - SQL History

There may be times when your support representative needs to see the SQL generated by certain actions: the SQL History option has been added to the Help menu to enable this.

To capture SQL History:

Select Help > SQL History. This menu provides three options: Capture SQL History, View SQLHistory and Clear SQL History. If a check mark does not yet appear next to Capture SQL History select this option to turn this feature on. Next, perform the steps that your support representation tells you.

To View SQL History:

Use the menu option Help>SQL History>View SQL History

A workspace window will appear with the SQL history that has been logged. In the workspace with, select File > Save As. A browser window will appear: browse to a location you will be able to retrieve the file from, and save it using a appropriate name.

To Clear SQL History:

The Help>Clear SQL History option may be used to clear SQL history before making another test.

To Turn Off SQL History:

It a check mark appears next to the Capture SQL History menu option, is it toggled on. To toggle Capture SQL History off, select Help>SQL History> Capture SQL History. Note that even if you do not explicitly turn this feature off, it will be disabled when you log off.