Cash Receipts - Enter Invoice Wizard


This screen enables you to enter the specific invoices being paid by your client. There are two common uses for this function. One is when your Client's check has your Invoice # but not their Client ID. The second scenario is a payment received from a client with many outstanding invoices. For example, a client pays 5 of 50 outstanding invoices. This functionality allows the user to pre-select the 5 paid invoices.


Note that this screen does not support consolidated invoices. You must click the Auto Fill button on the main Cash Receipts screen to enter a Consolidated Invoice.

This data entry screen is displayed when  is clicked in the AR Cash Receipts viewer. If the Client Id was entered in the Cash Receipt Journal before pushing the button, ALL invoices must reference that id.  If the Cash Receipts Journal Client Id was blank, then the first Invoice Id entered here establishes the Client Id to be used in for adding additional lines.

Important Fields:

Invoice Id:
Enter an Invoice Id, or double-click to select from a list.  The user is warned if any subsequent invoices selected in the wizard reference a different Client in the Invoice Master Record, and is prevented from adding them.

Invoice Date: Amount: Client Name: Site Name: WO Id: Job Id: Order Id:
These informational fields are displayed to help you verify that the correct Invoice Id has been entered. The Client is derived from the Invoice Master record.

Important Buttons:

The Cancel button should be clicked to end the invoice entry process. No Invoice Id’s will be returned to the Cash Receipts Journal.

The Remove Invoice button should be clicked to remove the selected Invoice Id.

The Finish button should be clicked when you have finished entering Invoice Id’s and wish to return them to the Cash Receipts Journal.

Click AR Cash Receipts Journal Viewer to view help on the parent screen.