Cause Code Viewer


This record may be used to identify the cause of a problem identified by a Work Code. For example, a typical Work Code for an air conditioning unit might be NoCool. A variety of causes (defined by the Cause Code) could have led to this problem: Belt, Filter, Blower, Compressor, and so on.

Cause Codes do not have to be specific to a particular work code. In this example, they could also be applicable to a Work Code of NoHeat.


See PCR Overview: Problem, Cause, Remedy for additional information.

Referenced in the PCR Table and Work Order.

Important Fields:

Cause Code Id:
This required field uniquely Identifies this cause (e.g., Belt, Filter, CondCoil, Compressor, etc.).

Cause Code Name:
This recommended field may be used provide greater detail on the cause (e.g., if the Id is EVAPCOIL the Name could be Evaporator Coil). This field may also be used for reporting purposes.

If this field is checked, the record is considered Obsolete, and it may not be directly specified during data-entry (either by entering the Id or selecting it from a list). Obsoleted records can be edited and the Obsolete option can be un-done when necessary. When you check the Obsolete field, the following message box will be displayed:

“You have elected to obsolete this record. Would you like to see existing references to this record?”

If you click Yes, the system will display a viewer that provides click-through access to all tables referencing this record.

Cause Code User 1-5
These fields may be used to record additional information required by your company.