Save Record Button

image\CHNGREC.gif Version 7.3+: image\SKIN1_ChangeRecord.gif

The Save Record button is used to save the changes that you have made to an existing record. When you press the Change Record button, a message box will appear asking you to confirm the changes that you have made. Click on Yes to confirm the changes and save the information. If you click on No, the changes will not be saved.

image\N_CHNGREC.gif Version 7.3+: image\SKIN1_ChangeRecord-.gif

If this record has not yet been added, the button will be disabled. If you attempt to use this button, the system will inform you that this button cannot be used because the record has not been saved. If this message appears, press the OK button in the message box. Then, select the Add Record Button if you want to add this record to your database.

Changing a Record's ID

1. To change just the Id of a record, click on the ID field and modify it but do not press Enter.

2. Push the Change Record button. The ID change will take effect throughout the system.

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