Classic Board/Day Board Buttons

 image\SKIN1_classicboard-.gif  When you click the Classic Board tab, a simplified view for day-by-day dispatching appears in the upper section of the board. Each 'cell' of the Classic board provides information on the call itself.  By default the column header displays information on the Technician (Name and Pager # from the Technician record) as well as the total number of calls and hours assigned for that day. Both the column header and information cells may be adjusted via registry.

Single-click on Column in the upper section of the board to select a technician. Only work orders for that technician will appear in the lower section of the board.

Click on an information cell in the Classic Board. A summary of the dispatch will appear in the lower section of the screen. Double-click an information cell to display the work order viewer for it; see Classic/Day Board Dispatch Summary for details.

Click the Classic button to re-display the list of work orders for all technicians in the lower section of the board.


The orientation button toggles between the Classic (techs on the columns, dispatches down the side) and Day views (techs down the side, columns for the dispatches).

 image\SKIN1_btnDate1Down.gif Date image\SKIN1_btnDate1Up.gif

Only one day’s dispatches will be displayed on the upper section of the Classic or Day board. When you first switch to the Classic board, the date that you most recently worked with will be selected. The left and right arrow enables you to control which date is displayed. However, the date range of dispatches on the work order list (the lower section of the board) will be set by the Date Range tab. The Date Range tab is accessible from the Power Board.

Performance Tip: Although the Classic Board looks at only one day at a time, its performance is impacted by the Date Range selected on the Power Board. If you select This Week instead of This Month (for example), less Work Orders would be on the Power Board, improving Classic Board performance.

When you right-click a dispatch on the work order list, the dispatch summary will appear. Click the Classic board tab to re-display the list of work orders.

Tip: Changing Dispatches to Today’s Day
If dispatches from the previous working date have not yet been completed, select the dispatch in the Classic/Day board view, and then click the Today button on the side button bar. When you use the right arrow button to display the dispatches for today, the dispatches you rescheduled will appear.

Call Reassignment

Dispatches for the selected day may be reassigned to another technician by dragging the dispatch’s information cell to another technician’s column (Classic Board) or row (Day Board) and then dropping it.

Copying a Call

Drag and Drop Copy is supported in the Classic Board: you can now add a tech line by right-clicking a cell, and then dragging it to the cell of the tech you want to add. When you drop the cell, a menu appears. When you select copy, the new tech will be added to the work order, and the existing tech will still be on it. The normal rules for setting the initial status of a tech assigned to a WO apply.

Call Sequence

Drag and Drop may also be used to sequence Classic / Day board calls in the desired order. Simply drag the call to the desired location, and drop it. Calls that should be completed first would appear at the top of the Classic board and the left of the Day board.

Show All Work Orders


By default, only work orders for the selected Day appear on the lower section of the Classic board. The Show All WOs button on the top button of the Classic / Day boards allows you to display all work orders included on the classic board on the bottom half of the screen (in list or graphic time chart modes).

If you would like to see more WO's on the lower section, a registry option uses the Power Board date range filter (instead of the selected Day) for displaying calls on the lower section of the Classic board.

The Date Range button a list of date ranges will appear. Click on the desired date range to determine which WorkOrders will be available for view on the Classic Board. Click the Classic Board button to refresh the Board.

Using the Time Chart


The Time Chart button is enabled in the Classic and Day boards, enabling you to toggle between the graphic and text display of the workorder list. The graphic view is designed to work best with the Technician/Date/Time and Date/Technician/Time sort orders. To switch to the graphic time chart, simply click on the Chart button. To switch back to the text version, simply click on the Chart button again.

For each WorkOrder, the following information appears at the left of the time chart (when you position the cursor over the time block for a workorder, the status line displays additional information for that workorder):

Date Scheduled | Technician | Client Site Alpha |

The column following Client Site Alpha may either be blank or contain dashes (----) or stars (**).

 ---- Dashes indicate that the work orders for the next technician begin
 ** Stars indicate that a call is in conflict (regardless of the sort order selected)
  Blanks indicate an additional call(s) for the same technician that is not in conflict

Changing the Time Scheduled of a Dispatch in the Time Chart Graphics Mode

When the Work Order List is displayed in the Graphic Time Chart mode, the following steps can be implemented to change the Time Scheduled of a dispatch:

1. Using the left mouse button, click once on the dispatch you want to reschedule in the time chart.
2. Using the left mouse button again, click on the time (on that Tech's time line) you want to reschedule the dispatch.
3. The caret is now located at the time you want the dispatch to begin. Using the right mouse button, click on the caret to actually reschedule the dispatch.

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