Clear Check


This function clears AP and/or Payroll Checks that have been cashed and returned for reconciliation. It also enables you to clear EFT / Credit transactions entered in the AP Journal.


Required to reconcile vendor and payroll checks. This feature provides implementation of branch security.

Note: Payroll check stubs generated as a result of direct deposit entries should be cleared in the same manner as live checks. This function works in two stages. The initial screen enables you to narrow down the checks eligible for reconciliation. The next screen is a checklist that enables you to verify the checks to be reconciled and specify a reconciliation date.

Note: Voided PR checks will not appear on the 'cleared' list.

Bank Reconciliation Function: It is not necessary to use the Clear Checks Function when Bank Reconciliation is used, since the function will now set the clear date. Voided Checks will not load into the reconciliation viewer; they are already reconciled based on the fact that they have been voided.

Important Fields: Initial Screen

Date Cleared:
This field will be used to set the default reconciliation date in the reconciliation checklist in the next screen. Press Spacebar to enter today's date.

Total Cleared:
This required field provides a verification that the cleared amount that you enter from your bank statement matches the total amount of the checks that you select in the next screen. The system will alert you if the Total Cleared amount does not match the Control Total of the checks that you selected.

GL Account:
The GL Bank Account the check was originally drawn on.

Check Number:
The number(s) of the check(s) to be cleared.

Check Date:
The effective date or date range of the check(s).

Date Reconciled:
The date of the reconciliation used to display previously reconciled checks. In general, this field should be left at its initial setting of 1900-01-01 (the 'blank' date) so that only those checks that have not yet been cleared will appear.

Important Buttons:

image\go.gif Go (start the reconciliation). After you click this button, the system will display the list of checks which are eligible for reconciliation.

Important Fields: List of Checks to be Reconciled

If you check the Clear box (by double-clicking on it, or by pressing the Spacebar when the caret is in this field), this check or EFT/Credit transaction will be considered cleared when you complete this function.

Date Reconciled:
The date this check is marked as reconciled; this field defaults from the Date Cleared that you entered in the initial screen. Press the Spacebar to enter today's date, or double-click on this field to access the Calendar viewer.

Check:  Check Date:  Check Amount:  Payee Name:  GL Acnt and Name:  
Check Id:
 Check #: EFT/Credit Trx Id:
These display-only fields enable you to verify whether a check or EFT Credit transaction should in fact be marked as cleared.

Important Buttons

image\check.gif Click the Check button to check (select) every item on the list and set all blank Date Reconciled fields to today.

image\checkoff.gif Click to de-select every item on the list and clear all Date Reconciled fields.

image\go.gif Go (complete the reconciliation). All items whose CL (Clear) box was checked will be considered reconciled.