Client Collections Notes Viewer


This viewer is accessed from the body of the Client Collections screen – not the Notes button on the side button bar.

Accessing a Collections Note

There are two ways of accessing collections notes.

In the main Client Collections screen, click on the View All Notes button. A list of collections notes will appear; double-click the note that you wish to view.

To access or add a note pertaining to a specific invoice, double-click on an Invoice in the middle section of the Client Collections viewer. The Collections Viewer for that Invoice includes a list of notes in the lower section of the screen. Double-click on a note to view it.

Add Note Button:
Clicking the Add Note Button in the Invoice Collections Viewer enables you to add a new collections note for this invoice. Once an entry for the new note has been added to the listing, double click the entry to access the Collections Notes viewer to add text to it.

Important Fields in the Collections Note Viewer

Note Date: User Id:
These display-only fields list the date that this Note was created and the User that created it.

Invoice No.
The specific Invoice (if available) that is associated with this note. This display-only field is maintained by the system.

A brief description that will be displayed on the list of notes for this invoice/client.

Tickle Date:
This field may be used as a follow-up date for collections. It is available for reporting purposes.

The Collection Notes List displays these notes so they can be accessed if needed.

Lower Section:
The lower section of the Notes viewer enables you to enter free-form text regarding this invoice or client.

To save any changes/additions to this note, click the Save Note button on upper portion of this screen.

Important Buttons on the Collections Note Viewer:


Click the Save Note button to save any changes that you have made to this record. If this button is grayed out, you cannot alter this note. Only the user that entered the note can change it.


Click the Delete button to delete this Note. You can only delete a Note that you created unless you are a Notes Administrator.

image\PreviousNote_new.gif image\NextNote_new.gif

The Next and Previous Note buttons enable you to access the other Collection Notes for this Client/Invoice.

image\SKIN1_Parent.gif Click the Parent button (on the side button bar) to return to the Invoice or Collections screen.

image\SKIN1_SendEmail.gif When the Email button is clicked, the SAMPro mailer will appear. The Note Summary will be defaulted to the Subject, and the Note Text will appear in the body of the email. This functionality does not currently support UseOutlook.

When the email form is displayed, the Contact Id gives the user access to SAMPro Contact records and the email addresses contained in them. When a Contact record is selected, SAMPro automatically adds its main email to the list of existing recipients in the Email To field.  In addition, when the Contact record contains multiple addresses, they are added to the list of Email Addresses displayed when the user double-clicks in the Email To or CC fields. This allows users to select one of the Contact's secondary email addresses.