Client Order Deposits Tab

Version 8.0 and Up: The COP Deposit child tab and GL Deposit Account from have been removed from the default Client Order viewer since the Deposit functionality is not supported in this version. If necessary, the following registry may be used to re-enables the Deposits child tab.  If a user needs to do this, they will also a need a new v.cus file that includes Deposit GL Account on the parent A/R tab.

Id: sys-viewer-vclntordr

Setting Key: ShowDepositTab Setting Value: true


The Deposit tab of the Client Order viewer is clicked to display the Deposit information for this order.


When you enter deposits that you have received on this order and then click the Add or Change record button, any new deposits entered will automatically be posted. New deposit information - requested amounts, cash received, and application to invoices - should be entered one line at a time.

For example, if you requested a $500 deposit, and then received two payments of $250 over the next two weeks, a total of three deposit lines would be recorded: one for the request, and two for the deposits received.

Important Fields: Client Order Deposit Detail

Effective Date:
The effective date for the deposit transaction (required for deposits received).

AccntPrd Id:
The accounting period batch for this transaction (required deposits received).

The dollar amount requested. This field is informational in nature and will not generate a posting entry.

The amount actually received; if this is a new entry, it will be posted when this record is saved.

This field should only be filled in when an invoice has actually been issued for this order. When you do so, the Invoice Id must also be filled in. A posting entry will not be made.

Foreign Currency Processing - Requested: Received:
If foreign currency processing is implemented on your system (and this Client Order is for a foreign customer), these fields should be entered in terms of the customer’s foreign currency.

Invoice Id:
Your firm's invoice Id for this part of the order. This field should be filled in if you are applying funds the client deposited to this invoice.

This optional field enables the user to briefly describe the transaction.

GL Acnt:
The GL account that identifies the Bank Account in which the deposit has been deposited. This account will be debited by the amount in the Received field. The Deposit GL Account is no longer required unless a deposit has been entered.

GL Entity:
(Optional). The Id of the GL Entity to be affected by this transaction. The GL Entity Name: field defaults when an Id is selected.