Client Order Drop Ship Wizard


When a client orders an item that you do not have in stock, one solution is to have it drop shipped from your vendor directly to your customer. This release supports the Drop Ship Wizard. The Wizard is designed to step you though the process of completing the Client Order and Generating a Purchase Order for the merchandise. The COP Invoice for this order will be held until the Purchase Order is vouchered.

The Drop Ship Wizard will only be invoked if the order type is ‘order’. This implies that you can save an order with drop shipments as a ‘quote’ without invoking the wizard. When the quote becomes an order, the operator will change the order type from ‘quote’ to ‘order’. The Drop Ship Wizard will then be invoked when the order is saved.


If the Vendor's No Inventory? field is checked, the Vendor may not be specified when running this function.

The Drop Ship Agent box in the user’s record must be flagged to enable drop ship processing.

Tip: Customer Changes Order
Assume that your customer calls up and wants some material. You create a new Client Order, add 20 items, all of which are to be drop shipped. You create the PO through the wizard. ½ Hour later customer calls up and says that they won’t need 5 of those items.

To correct this, you can't delete the line off the Client Order until you delete it off the PO (which it does allow). Then the line(s) will delete.

Invoicing Drop Shipped Items:
Drop-shipped items will not appear on the COP Invoice until the PO generated by this wizard has been vouchered in the AP Journal.

Important Fields: Verify Purchase Order Lines

Vendor Id:
Enter the Vendor that should drop ship this item, or double click to select from a list.

Inventory Id:
This display only field defaults from the COP Order.

Inventory Item Name: Vendor Part Number: Unit Cost:
These fields default from the Inventory Item record but may be changed by the user if needed.

This field defaults from the Client Order; the user may adjust it.

Important Buttons:

Click the Cancel button to stop the generation of the drop ship purchase orders.

Click the Finish button to generate the Purchase Order; the system will display the PO Id when the generation is completed.