Client Order Drop Shipments Tab

This tab lists all Drop Shipment Purchase Orders generated from this Client Order. You may double-click on a line to access the Purchase Order itself. The following PO fields are displayed on the tab. Note that the PO will appear as Received even if it has been only partially received.

PO Number – Vendor Id/Name – PO Date – Status – Received – Vouchered

Tip: If you cancel a PO line (so it is set to cancelled or pending cancel), you can then delete the corresponding line from the Client Order.

Note: Change Orders
If a Drop Shipped PO is edited and turned into a Change Order, it's Id is appended with a tack (-01) number: the tack number is not displayed on this tab. However, if you double-click on a PO line on the Drop Shipments tab, the system brings up latest version of the PO/Changed Order.