Client Order Pick List Entry


Enter the data that was manually recorded on a Client Order Pick Ticket so that it can be invoiced.


Client Order processing and inventory control.

Invoicing Drop Shipped Items:
Drop-shipped items are not run through Pick List processing. Drop shipped items will not appear on the COP Invoice until the PO generated for the drop-ship has been vouchered in the AP Journal or recorded in the Inventory Receipts Journal (requires a registry entry: Global Settings Registry to Receive Dropship in IRJ) ).

This function is disabled for Cancelled Orders.

Freight Warning:
When a Pick Ticket is recorded, the following message will be displayed if Freight has not been added to at least one of the items being recorded:

Warning: This Pick Ticket Does Not Include Any Freight
Do You Want to Save It Anyway?

Click Yes to save the entry without adding Freight, or No to return and add the Freight charge(s).

Important Fields:

Note: this Help Topic lists the standard configuration of all fields that may be included in this record. If you are using a customized system, the fields displayed on your screen may not exactly match the order or status (required, optional, default, display-only, hidden, etc.) of the fields described in this Topic.

This viewer is divided into two sections. The upper portion displays the Client Order header information. The lower section lists the inventory items included on the specified pick ticket. Note that when the Order Id and Pick Ticket number are entered in the upper portion of the screen, the detailed information will be displayed in the lower section of the screen.

Important Fields: Upper Section

Main Tab

Order Id:
Enter the Client Order number printed on the Pick Ticket.

Pick Ticket Number:
The Ticket Number from the Pick Ticket. Double-click in this field to display a list of valid Pick Ticket numbers (both recorded and not yet recorded) for this order. The system validates a value typed by the user against the list and prompts you if the number does not yet exist.

Date Shipped
The date this order was actually shipped. Press the Spacebar to enter today's date; the - or + keys on the numeric keypad decrease or increase the date. Double-click on this field to access the Calendar viewer.

Tracking Number:
The tracking number provided by your shipper. This number will be printed on the COP Invoice.

Date Ordered: Ordered By: Date Entered: Time Entered: Entered By:
Client Id: Ship To Id: PO Number: Date Requested: Date Promised: Ship Date: Location Id:
These informational, display-only fields are maintained by the system.

 Set Pick Done
Click this button to flag all items as picked.

Shipping Tab

Client Mailing Address
Ship Via Id:  Freight  Allow Partial Ship?  Blanket Order?
These fields default from the Client Order.

Instructions Tab

Shipping Instructions
Bill of Lading Instructions

These fields default from the Client Order / Client COP tab.

Important Fields: Lower Section

Inventory Item Id:  Inventory Item Name:
The item being recorded. This display-only information is maintained by the system.

Serial Number:
If this is a serialized item, carefully enter the number or double-click to select from a list of serial numbers associated with this item. The system validates that there is a quantity on hand for that serial number when the record is saved.

Enter the quantity of the item actually shipped from the Picked field of the Pick Ticket.

To Back Order:
Enter the quantity that you wish to back order. When the items are on hand, the Fill Back order function will make this quantity available.

To Short:
This quantity will not ship or be available as a back order.

Net Weight: Tare Weight: Containers: Lbls:

Freight Charge:
Enter the freight charge for this line (if applicable). It will be included on the Client Order Invoice.

Shipped (Date):
Enter the date the item was actually shipped from the Date field of the Pick Ticket. To enter today's date, press the Spacebar. To access the Calendar to enter any date, double-click on this field.

Pick Done:
Flag this field (by double-clicking or pressing the spacebar) if this item is shipped.  If the Shipped Date (above) has not yet been completed, it will be set to the Date Shipped in the Main tab.   

Tracking Number:
This field defaults from the Tracking Number in the header, but may be adjusted by the user if needed.

Make Equipment Record:
If enabled via registry, flagging this field will generate an Equipment record for the selected Client Site when the order is invoiced. In this way, there is a piece of equipment available for warranty fulfillment in the future. This field may only be checked if:
    - The feature is turned on in the Sampro 'user-COP' registry entry.
    - The item is either a Serialize On Sale item or a Serialized item.

Unit Cost: Disc%
Unit Price: Ext'd Price:
These display-only fields default from the Client Order.

Important Buttons:

If a Certificate of Analysis is required by this Client, a message to this effect will appear in the upper portion of the screen. Click the CofA button to print this document. If a Fax copy is required (the W/Shpmnt + Fax option is selected in the Client record), two copies (one designated as a FAX) will be printed.

Click this line to print the Drum Label(s) for this order. Note: a Printer Registry entry must be created in order for the Drum Label(s) to print.