Client Site CRM Data


This new viewer will be launched when the Opportunity record's Add Site button is used to successfully create a new Site for the Opportunity.  It provides access to those fields needed to create a Quote.

Important Fields:

Main Tab

Site Id:
This display-only field specifies the Site Id; it may not be changed from this screen.

Site Name:
If this Site was generated from an Opportunity record, this field defaults from the CRM template.  It may be changed by the user to conform to your firm's naming conventions for Sites.

Clicking this button copies the Voice and Fax Phone Numbers, Email Address, and Work/Ship Address from the last Contact line on the Contacts tab.

Site Voice Phone:  Site Fax Phone:
The main voice and fax number at this site.

Email Address:
The e-mail address for this Site.

Store #:
Optional. The Store number uniquely associated with this site.

Work/Ship Address:

Street Address:
City:  State:  Zip:
The actual (street) address of this Site.

Contacts Tab

The Contact tab enables you to attach one or more Contacts to a Site for informational and reporting purposes.  The last Contact listed will be used when the Copy From Contact button is clicked.

Contact Id:
Enter a valid Contact Id (or double-click to select from a list). You may create as many lines as needed to accommodate all contacts. The display-only Name, Firm, Email and Phone number fields will default from the Contact record.

Contact Type Id:
This optional field defaults from the Contact record but may be changed by the user if needed.