Client Site Equipment - Component Tab

The Components tab enables you to include the components of a piece of equipment that are covered under their own warranty or warranties. Note that if you select an Inventory Id on the main Client Site Equipment screen, the Inventory Item list on the Components screen will default from that Item's BOM (Bill of Materials) screen.

Important Fields:

The number of this item required in one of this piece of equipment.

Inventory Item Id
The Inventory Item Id of the component. The Inventory Item name will default when the Id is selected.

This field defaults from the Inventory Item Name but may be changed by the user if needed.

Serial Number
If this component is serialized, carefully enter its serial number.

Manufacturer: Manufacturer Model: Equipment Size: Equipment Unit of Measure:
These fields default from the Inventory Item record, but may be changed by the user.

The Date this component was installed. This field defaults from the Installation date on the Client Site Equipment main screen but may be changed by the user.

Warr1Start: Warr1Ends: Warn2Start: Warr2Ends:
These fields enable you to record warranty dates for this component if it is under separate warranty from the piece of equipment itself. For example, you might want to use the Warranty 1 fields to record the manufacturer's warranty for this component, and Warranty 2 for your firms (servicer) warranty. However you decide to use these fields, be sure to be consistent with their use.

Briefly describe your Warranty 1 and/or Warranty 2 coverage.

If this component is replaced, enter the Replacement Date in mmddyyyy format or double-click to access the calendar to do so.