Client Site WO Other Tab

This tab enables you to default in trip charges and other additional charges on work orders created in New Call. These charges will be added to the Work Order Other tab. This Registry may be used to specify which lines from the Site WO Other Tab should be added based is the Work Order's Service Category for Work Orders created in New Call, the Job Scheduler and the Project Work Order Generator.

By default, this tab will not impact PM Work Orders created from the Create PM Work Order function. However, a Registry to Include WO Other Lines may be enabled also these lines to PreventiveMaint Work Orders.

The system uses the Sale Tax Group in the Job record when generating the tax information for Work Order Other line generated from this tab.

WO Other to GL Enabled in Accounting Period: When a work order is created in New Call, and an Other line is automatically generated from this tab, the appropriate GL History entries will be generated if the Accounting Period’s WO Other to GL box is flagged. To determine the correct Accounting Period, the system will look at the date to use on the WO Other line (either the date scheduled, or today's date if there is no scheduled date). If the date is with the default Accounting Period, it will use that. If the date is NOT within the default Accounting Period, it will find the appropriate active Accounting Period and use that.

Important Note for TechAnywhere Users
If you are running TechAnywhere, this tab should be used with caution since WO Other lines are not delivered to the TechAnywhere device, and would not be included if the Technician generated an invoice in the field.

The amount of this charge to default to the Work Order Other tab.

Other Rate Id:
Enter the Id of the Other Rate (or double-click to select from a list) to be included on the Other tab of Work Orders created for this Site in New Call. The Other Rate's Cost Category Post Type should be set to 'Other', and the Billing Type to Unit Price.

Other Rate Description: Standard Unit:
Cost Category Id and Description: Unit:
These display-only fields default from the Other Rate record.