Cloning Records

Cloning a Record by Changing Its Id

Many records may be copied (cloned) by accessing the record you wish to clone from, entering a new Id for it, and tabbing out of the Id field. If the Id you entered does not yet exist, the record's Add button will be enabled.  At this point, the user should make any needed edits to the record, and then Add it.

Cloning Auto-Sequenced Records

When the auto-sequencing of Id's is in effect for a record, it is impossible to 'clone' a record by changing its Id and then tabbing out of the field since entering a non-existent Id is prohibited. This prevented users from 'cloning' an Employee record when auto-sequencing is turned on by changing the Id (in the above method).

The Clone option has been added to the Record menu of most records in SAMPro. When the Clone option is selected for an eligible record, its Id will be cleared, and the Add button enabled.

Employee Record:  In the case of the Employee record, all fields on the Main, Direct Deposit and Events tabs will also be cleared. When the user has finished editing the record, it can be Added as usual.

Cloning validation requires that the record being cloned does not have any unsaved changes. The Record > Cloning functionality is specifically denied for the following records:

Client Order - Client Order Pick List - Client Order to Ship
Invoice Master
Project Manager Workbench
Job Progress
Physical Count
Purchase Order
Quote - Quote Manager - Quote Scope
Shop Order - Shop Order Pick List
Vendor Invoice
Web Log

Special Cloning Functionality

The Clone Job button in the Job viewer allows the user to use an existing Job as a model to create a new Job, Site (optional), Client (optional), Billing Item(s), and Cost Code(s), and to edit the new records. For details on using this feature, click on Using the Clone Job Wizard.