Color Button


The Set Colors button enables the user to select his or her custom colors for many of the graphic elements in this application. This button is locked on the lower portion of the top button bar and is accessed by scrolling down.

1. Press the Color button to display a list entitled Color Settings.

2. Double-click on the item whose color you wish to change.

3. When the Windows color palette appears, click on the desired color and then click OK. The color that you have selected will display immediately.

Warning: Do Not Choose Dithered Colors for Text on 256 Color and Citrix Systems
On systems with color limitations (e.g., standard Citrix desktops), dithered colors should not be selected for text. Doing so may result in the text being indistinguishable from the background. Dithered colors can be identified by their spotty appearance on the color palette.

4. Continue to change colors as desired. When you have completed you color changes, toggle color selection off by pressing the following button:


Note: You may set the background colors on which your lists are displayed. This feature affects lists of records, lists of functions, and the topics lists on the Folders viewer. To change the list display, scroll down to List Even and List Odd. If you prefer to display your lists on a solid color background rather than the graybar, set List Odd and List Even to the same color.

Child tab lines are also displayed using the Odd / Even color scheme.

Required Fields

SAM Pro supports required field color coding. Users may now set the background color of required fields via this button by selecting the Required option. Fields that are required by the software – or by registry settings will both be displayed with the Required background color you select.