Consolidated Invoice Viewer


This record enables consolidated invoicing, and is designed to simplify the AR cycle for national accounts customers.


Consolidated invoices are referenced in the Cash Receipts journal and may be used for reporting purposes.

Consolidated Invoices enable our users to consolidate the data that they need for highly customized invoices, typically for their national accounts clients. These customized invoices are produced outside of SAM Pro.


Registry Entry Consolidated Invoice - Specify Autosequencing Id Prefix

Important Fields: Upper Screen

Consolidated Invoice Id:
An Id will be assigned when you click Add Record if you have not entered one. If you are assigning your own id’s, we recommend that the initial character of this Id be specified as a letter, so that this record uses a different numbering scheme than your standard AR Invoices (which are entirely numeric).

Client Id:
Enter the Id of the Client for whom you wish to create the consolidated invoice, or double-click to select this Id from a list.

Invoice Date:
This field will be used as the Effective Date in conjunction with AutoFill.

Invoice Amount:
The system will calculate this display-only field based on the individual AR Invoice totals that you select.

A brief description of this index for reporting purposes.

Auto Fill Button:
Clicking this button imports all unpaid invoices for the selected client into the lower section of the viewer. Once these lines have been imported, you may delete selected invoice lines if necessary.

Important Fields: Lower Section

AR Invoices Tab

AR Invoice:
An AR Invoice Id for an unpaid invoice for the selected client. If you choose to enter specific invoices (rather than auto-fill them), the system will warn you if the client does not own this invoice.

When adding Invoices manually to this tab, the system verifies that the invoice status is set to Posted.

WO Id: Site Id: Site Name: Invoice Amount:
These display only fields are maintained by the system based on the AR Invoice record.

Amount Due:
This new column displays the amount not yet paid on this Invoice.