Contact Viewer


This record provides a single contact information source that is related to a number of other records. All of these records link to the Contact record, which is the standard spot to store that type of data (email addresses, phone numbers, etc).

The Contact Id may be selected in SAMPro email forms.  When a Contact record is selected, SAMPro automatically inserts its main email address in the Email To field.  In addition, when the Contact record contains multiple addresses, they are added to the list of Email Addresses displayed when the user double-clicks in the Email To or CC fields. This will allow the SAMPro user to select one of the Contact's secondary email addresses.


We create a contact "jean knox" with all contact info....jean knox may be a User, a Project Manager, a Project Principal, an Estimator, a Service Manager, etc....all of these things, but we only have to edit the Contact record to change this info for all references.



Data Conversion

When data is converted up to this version from 8.2 or below, the system will populate the First Name and Last Name fields based on the original Contact Name field as follows:

If the Contact Name field contains two words (for example, Joe Smith) the first word will be used to populate the First Name field, and the second word will populate the Last Name field.

If the Contact Name field does not contain two words, the system will not attempt to update the First and Last Name fields (this must be done by a user).

If data was upgraded to 9.0 before this release, contact support for assistance to implement this functionality.

Important Fields: Upper Section

Main Tab

Contact Id:

This display-only field uniquely identifies this record.  When a new Contact Record is saved, the system will automatically generate a unique numeric Id for it.

Contact First Name: Contact Last Name:
The First and Last Name of the Contact.  These fields will update the display-only Contact Name field when the record is saved.

Contact Name:
Specifies the Name of the Contact.

Contact Group Id:
Typically, this record is used to identify the firm or division this contact works for. This record replaces the 'Firm' field in earlier versions of SAMPro.

If CRMAnywhere for Sales Reps is enabled on your system, clicking this button will launch the Opportunity viewer with the Contact Id completed.

Click this button to copy the Contact Group's Mailing Address to the Mailing Address below.

Mailing Address:
The correspondence address for this contact.

E-mail Address:
The contact's e-mail address. This field should be completed if this contact is to receive emails for alarms and notifications.

Contact Type Id:
This field describes what type of contact this individual is (AP, Service, AR, etc.). Enter a valid Contact Type Id or double-click to select from a list of Contact Types.

Email Fax:
If Faxaway is implemented on your system, enter the Email Fax address for this contact.

Email Address 2: (formerly Email Pager)
This field
may also be used for an alternate e-mail address.

Web URL:
The professional website of the Contact or their company.

Web Viewable CRM?
This field should only be flagged if this contact should be accessible from CRMAnywhere for Sales Reps. Typically, it would be flagged for prospects, middlemen, and for Contacts associated with existing Sites/Jobs that would be involved with specifying / approving new work.


Misc Tab

You may use this field to enter  notes pertaining to this contact.

 In addition, the Notes button on the sidebar may be used to creates additional Notes.  These Notes will be displayed on the child Notes tab on the lower portion of the Contact record.

Security Id:
If multiple location security is implemented, this informational field displays the Security Id of the local user that created this record.

User Fields Tab

Contact User 1-20:
These 30 character fields may be used for recording additional information about this Contact.

Contact Date 1-10:
These date fields may be used for recording dates pertinent to this Contact record.  

Important Fields: Lower Screen

Associations Tab

Association Id:   Association Name:
Record the Associations this Contact belongs to.


Market Sources Tab

Source Id:
If this Contact was acquired via a specific marketing campaign, enter the appropriate Market Source Id.

Enter the Date of the campaign.

Additional details.

Opportunities Tab

SiteName - Summary Description - Status - Status Date - Estimated Value - Opened - Closed - Quoted? - Id

This display tab lists all Opportunities created for this Contact in SAMPro or CRMAnywhere for Sales Reps. You may double-click on an Opportunity to access it.


Activities Tab

SiteName - Summary Description - Status - Type - Description - Date - Time - Complete? - Id

This tab displays all Activities for the Opportunities associated with this Contact. Double-click on a line to open the Opportunity is associated with. Note that the Summary Description defaults from the Opportunity.


Quotes Tab

This tab displays all Quotes referencing Opportunities created for this Contact. Double-click a line to access the record in Quote Manager.

SiteName - Description - Status - Opened - Expiration - Opportunity Id - Quote Id


References Tab

Table Name:
The type of record (Opportunity, Project Manager, User, Project Principal, etc.) that are referencing this Contact.

Id: Name/Description:
The individual record within the specified Table that references this Contact.

The Role specifies how the Contact is used in each Table.

For example, if this Contact is for a Project Manager, lines would be entered for his association with his User record, his Project Manager record. In these cases, the 'Role' derives from the Table Name.  Lines will also display for any Jobs where he is included on the Job's Contacts Tab. In this cause, the Role column derives from the Contact Type field on the Contacts Tab (in our example, PM).


Table Name






David Gray


Project Manager


David Gray

Project Manager



David Gray



Notes Tab

Lists a summary of the notes attached to this Contact.