Correcting Journal Entries

1. Access the transaction that you wish to correct in the appropriate journal viewer.
If the transaction that you wish to correct already has correcting entries, you must access the most recent entry. For example, if you wish to correct transaction 166 and the system shows 166, 166-01 and 166-02, you would select 166-02. Note that you cannot change an entry if its Next Id: field is filled in.

2. Change the transaction to what you want it to look like.
The header and/or detail fields may be changed. After you have made the corrections, the transaction should look like it should have in the first place.

Warning: Do Not Change Dates Across Accounting Periods
If a transaction is entered within the wrong Accounting Period, back out or reverse (see Reversing Journal Entries the entire journal entry, and re-enter a new transaction to the correct accounting period.

3. Click the Change Record button.
The system will do the following for you:

A. Create a new transaction entry with a dash and sequential number, indicating that it is a changed entry.

B. Create any necessary reversing entries for you.

C. Fill in the Next Id: field in the original entry so that it cannot be further modified.