Create PDF Button


This button appears on the side button bar of the Document list view. The purpose of this button is to enable the user to create a multi-page PDF file out of the attached document files appearing on the list. The following file types may be combined into this PDF: .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .png, .pdf, and .dbr (Data-Basics report files).

For example, suppose you needed to print all your scanned invoices for selected vendors for sales tax auditing purposes.  If the original hard copies were no longer available, the user would simply filter the document list to that vendor's scanned invoices and then create the PDF for the auditor or to print.

To use this feature:

1. Filter the Document list to the set of documents that should be combined.

2. Push the Create PDF button. A browser window will appear. Select a location for your file to be saved to, and enter a new filename for it (note that the extension, .pdf, is already completed for you.

3. Click the Open button. Files that can be converted to PDF (currently BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, PDF and DBR) will be combined into a single PDF in the same order that the files appear in the pick list.

4. The PDF file will be opened for you in the Adobe reader window. At this point, you may print the PDF file.

Note: the new PDF will NOT be archived with your other SAM Pro documents unless you attach it to the appropriate SAM Pro record.

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The Book function supports Invoice related documents as well as any attachments to the work order associated with the invoice. See Book Viewer for details.