Create PM Billing


If you prepare regular billings for your PM work regardless of when it is performed, you will set up that schedule in the PM Billing tab of the Client Site record or via Master Contracts. Running this function generates these PM Invoices, and inserts the Invoice number on the Client Site PM Invoice tab. These Invoices must then be printed and posted as usual!

When this function is run, the Computed Thru date in the PM Job record specified in the Client Site will also be set to the Bill Date specified to ensure that future billings for this Job are computed correctly. A checklist (discussed below) enables you to confirm which billings will actually be generated.

PM Billing Spreadsheet With Results of Function
When this function is run, a .cvs file listing the results is created. Click for details.


Validation prevents multiple users from updating the same records with this function.

Common lines will be included on a single PM Invoice so that taxable and non-taxable components can be handled appropriately. Click for details and a registry to disable.

Click for details on printing/posting PM Invoice Work Orders via Service Compute.

This function is sensitive to the status of the Site and the Job Date Closed:

1. If the Site is not Active or Credit Hold, do not create a PM Billing entry for it. In Version 9.0 and above,  this validation is refined so that Site with a future Date Closed will not be skipped when this function is run, even if it is flagged as Inactive.
2. If the Job's Date Closed that precedes the Billing Date, do not create an Invoice for it.
3. If the Job’s Tax Status is set to Unknown, it will be excluded from the list of eligible billings and added to the list of failed jobs.


The invoice's security may be set by the Job's Security and/or Branch instead of the user’s. See Global Settings Security Override and Global Settings Branch Override for details.

See Default PM GL Accounts for a Global Settings option which provides default GL Accounts for the system to use if the corresponding fields on the Client Site PM Billing tab are blank.

See Registry Start Create PM Billing (sys-start-scrtepmbllng) for additional registry option for this function.

Important Fields: Initial Screen

Period Id:
Enter an active Accounting Period Id (or double-click to select from a list.). This function validates that the selected Accounting Period is "active" and that Start & End Dates selected are BOTH valid dates within the Accounting Period.

Start Date: End Date:
These fields define range of Bill Dates (on the Client Site BILL tab) for which this function will create invoices. You may enter the Start Date and End Date in mmddyyyy format or double-click on this field to access the Calendar viewer to do so.

Client Id:
To limit PM Invoices to a specific client (as specified in the PM Job record), enter the appropriate Client Id(s). To enter a range of Clients, enter the first and last Id's of the range separated by an underscore (ACME_ZENITH). Several Id's can be specified by separating their Id's with a comma (ACME,MESA,ZENITH).

Client Site Id:
If you only wish to generate PM Invoices for a specific site enter the appropriate Client Site Id. To enter a range of Client Sites, enter the first and last Id's of the range separated by an underscore (ACME_ZENITH). Several Id's can be specified by separating their Id's with a comma (ACME,MESA,ZENITH).

Branch Id
If you are running under branch security and wish to only create PM invoices (from the Client Site Bill tab) for specific branches, enter the Branch Id.

Project Id:
If you only wish to generate PM Invoices for a specific Project (referenced in the PM Job's record), enter the appropriate Project Id(s).

Master Contract Id:
If you wish to only create invoices for a specific Master Contract, enter the desired Id.

Agreement Type Id:
This range limits this function to only those Master Contracts with the selected Agreement Type Id (Ids).

Important Fields: Checklist Screen

This checklist appears after you click the Go button in the initial Generate/Create PM Billing function screen. It enables you to verify which scheduled PM Billings will be invoiced.

Important Fields:

This field enables you to select which Billings should be generated. A check mark appears in the Ok field if an item is selected. Double-click on the Ok field to select or deselect an item (or press Spacebar).

Bill Date:   Bill Amount: Client Site Name:  Client Site Id:
Amount Earned:  Invoice Detail:
The above fields are displayed so that you can verify which billings should be generated.

Important Buttons:

 Click the Check button to check (select) every item on the list.

Click the Clear button to de-select every item on the list so that you can select items individually.

Click to generate the selected billings.