Create PM Work Order


This function generates PM Work Orders. These PM's may be generated directly from the Site Equipment PM Schedule tab or from the Master Contract Schedule tab.

Validation prevents multiple users from updating the same records with this function.


See Report PM Work Orders for information on this predictor report: it evaluates the Master Contract data and the data residing in the Site Equipment PM Schedule, and lists what PM Work Orders will be created when Start Create PM WorkOrders is run.


Combining PMs: SAMPro uses a grouping order to determine whether or not PM Schedule lines will be combined on a single PM Work Order. See PM WO Grouping for important details.

Site / Equipment / Job Status: This function is sensitive to the status of the Site and the Job Date Closed in order to exclude undesirable PM Inspections from creation. The following validations apply:

1. If the Site is not Active or Credit Hold, do not create PM Work Orders for it. In Version 9.0 and above, Sites with a future Date Closed will not be skipped, even if it is flagged as Inactive.

PM Work Orders that are created for Credit Hold Sites will be flagged as Credit Hold, and must be released by a Credit Manager.

2. If the Job in the Equipment PM schedule has a Job Date Closed that precedes the Inspection Date, do not create a PM Work Order for it. Inactive Sites and Closed Jobs are skipped in the Master Contract processing phase; lines will not be written to the Client Site Equipment PM Schedule.

3. Equipment must be active (e.g., Equipment whose Inactive field is not checked).

Assigned Technician: When the Start Create PM WorkOrder function is run, the system will attempt to assign a technician to the PM Work Order based on the following rules:

- Use the Tech from the PM Schedule.
- If no Tech is listed on the PM Schedule, use the default technician from the Equipment record.
- If no technician is listed on the PM Schedule, or in Equipment record, use the technician in the Client Site record.
- Use the Default Tech entered in this function

Status: If a technician is assigned, the Technician status will be set based on the Web Access field in the Technician viewer unless overridden via registry; see Required Resources below for special status processing . PM’s with no tech assigned default to Waiting Service

Required Resources:  Flagged items on the Service Parts List from the PM Schedule are written to the WO's Required Resources tab. The Location field of Required Resource lines remains blank.  The status will be set to Waiting Parts if Required Resource parts (from flagged Service Parts lines) will be actually be written to the PM. A registry may be used to override this status for Require Resource PM's.

Subcontractor Technicians:  If the Technician you selected references a Vendor Id AND has the Web Access set to Subcontractor on the Remote Access tab, a Purchase Order will also be generated.

When a PO is generated for a SubAnywhere Tech, the initial PO status is set to Released if it will include GEN lines. This prevents SubAnywhere users from adding charges to PO's that already have the a cost associated with it from the Equipment's PM Schedule's Contract Cost.  The Status for a SubAnywhere PO was will be set to Unreleased if no GEN lines are included so that the SubAnywhere user may add charges to the PO..

Work Order Name: The system sets the Work Order Name from the Work Code (if available).

Date and Item: The system automatically writes the Date Scheduled for the PM to the Date Earliest Start and sets the Date Must Complete to the last day of the month specified in date scheduled during PM work order generation. The Time Earliest Start is set to 7:00 AM and Time Must Complete is set to 5:00 P.M. 

Service Category: This field is set from the PM Inspection Work Code first and the Equipment record second.

PM Master Contract: When this function is run for sites that reference a PM Master Schedule (Master Contract) , the Technician Id (on the Main tab of the Client Site Equipment record) will be used to set the default Technician in the PM Schedule of the Equipment record and the Work Order.

In addition to the PM Master Schedule, other functions may be used to update the PM Schedule on the Site Equipment record. For details, click Renew Service Contract or Create New PM Work Schedule from Old .

If the Service Task Id is blank in the Master Contract Schedule tab, the system looks to see if there is one specified in the Client Site Equipment when this function is run. This Service Task will be defaulted to the Client Site Equipment PM Schedule and then to the PM Work Order itself. This allows different Task Lists to be assigned by the Equipment scheduled. A Registry may be used to Disable Use of Equipment Service Task when Master Contract PM's are Created.

Registry Entries:

Registry Entry Create PM WO

Registry to Disable Use of Equipment Service Task when Master Contract PM's are Created.

Important Fields:

Start Date: End Date:
These fields define the range of Scheduled Inspection Dates that you wish to create PM work orders for. You may enter the dates in mm-dd-yyyy format or double-click on these fields to access the calendar viewer to do so.

The dates may cross a calendar year, but the End Date is restricted to a maximum of 1 year from the Start Date. The message 'End Date must not be more than 1 year from Start Date' will be displayed when the user clicks Go if the date range is exceeded.

Default Tech Id:
The Default Tech Id will default to the Checklist screen if the Tech Id on the PM Work Order would have been blank (unassigned). It will not override a Technician assigned from the Equipment record’s PM Schedule tab, the Equipment record’s Main tab, or the Client Site unless the Override ALL Techs box is flagged.

If the PM is generated from a Master Contract, the Tech on the PM Equipment Schedule Lines is be set up from the Master Contracts, but the Tech you specify in this field will be selected when the PM Work Order is generated.

Override ALL Techs?
If this box is checked and the Technician Id field is also completed, the Technician Id selected will be assigned to ALL work orders generated by this function.  If the Override ALL Tech? box is blank, the Technician Id (if selected) will only be used where a Technician is not specified in the Equipment or Site record. If the Override ALL Techs? box is checked the Technician Id must be completed.  Additional changes to the Technician may be made when the Create PM WOs checklist screen is displayed.

Work Requested:
If completed, this field will default to the following Checklist screen. It will be used to set the Work Requested header field and the Work Order Equipment's Work Requested (followed by Service Tasks / Parts text if applicable).

Date Opened:  Time Opened:
These fields will be used to set the Work Order's Date Opened and Time Opened fields.  They default to the current Date and Time, but may be edited by the user if desired. Some reports and standard KPI's utilize the WO Date Opened for date range filtering and analysis of calls "opened".  These reports/analytics would provide a better analysis if the Date opened is set to the date the work is scheduled, or the first day for the month the work is scheduled for. In addition, this enhancement allows Escalation events sensitive to "creation" date/time to be handle more accurately, rather than beginning "prematurely".

Client Id:
If you only wish to generate PM Work Orders for a specific client (as defined in the PM Job record), enter the appropriate Client Id(s). If you leave this field blank, Work Orders for the specified Inspection Date(s) for all applicable clients will be generated within your security level.

Client Site Id:
If you only wish to generate PM Work Orders for a specific site enter the appropriate Client Site Id(s). If you leave this field blank, Work Orders for the specified Inspection Date(s) for all applicable Client Sites will be generated within your security level.

Example: To generate PM's for the month of June, 2000 for the Client Sites ACME001 to ACME999 the ranges would be set as follows:

 Start Date: End Date  06012000 06302000
 Client Site Id:   ACME001_ACME999

Branch Id:
If you wish to only create work orders for specific branches, enter the Branch Id (or double-click to select from a list). Several Branches may be specified by separating their Id's with a comma.

Project Id:
If you wish to only create work orders for pm jobs associated with a specific project or projects, enter the desired Project Id(s).

Work Code Id:
Service Category Id:
If you wish to limit the creation of work orders to those with a specific work code or the service category referenced in the work code, enter its Id in this range.

Master Contract Id:
If you wish to only create work orders for equipment assigned to a specific Master Contract enter the desired Id.

Agreement Type Id:
This range enables the user run this function for only those Master Contracts with the selected Agreement types.

Note: Work Order Priority
The priority of each Work Order is set from the Work Code specified in the Client Site Equipment PM Schedule entry used to generate the PM WorkOrder. If more than one piece of equipment at a site is scheduled for the same WorkOrder on the same day, the priority of the WorkOrder will be based on the lowest numbered Work Code priority scheduled for that day. When PM WorkOrders are generated, the checklist will now appear in the following order:

 Client Site  Date Scheduled  Work Code Priority  Equipment Id

If a Work Code is not included in the PM Schedule, the priority of the PM Work Order will default to 0.

Important Buttons:

image\go.gif Click to create the selected PM's to the schedule. When you do so, the system will display a list of WorkOrders to generate, based on the parameters that you entered. At this point, you can select the ones that you wish to add to the schedule. See Create PM Work Order Checklist for details.