Create PM Work Order Checklist


This checklist appears immediately after the Create PM Work Order starter function has been run so that you can verify which PM Work Orders will be generated to the Dispatch Board.


Required to complete the generation of PM Work Orders.

Important Fields:

This field enables you to select which scheduled Work Orders should be generated. A check appears in the Do field if an item is selected; by default, all PM Work Orders are selected. Double-click on the Do field to select or deselect an item (or press the Spacebar when the caret appears on this field). Refer to the Important Buttons section of this Help topic for details on selecting or deselecting all PM's.

Client Site Id: Client Site Name: Equipment Id: Inspect Date:
Service Agreement#:
Estimated Hours:
The above fields are displayed for informational purposes so that you can verify which PM's should be generated.

PM Invoice:
The last invoice number for the PM job will be displayed here. The purpose is to make any cost charged to this PM work order get posted as billed therefore removing them from the unbilled cost report.

PM's associated with Master Contracts pull in the most recent Invoice # for that Master Contract on the Site PM Billing tab.  If a PM is NOT associated with a Master Contract, it pulls in the most recent Invoice # NOT associated a Master Contact on the Site Billing schedule.

Already Done:
Checking this field allows the user to identify maintenance that has already been completed and therefore does not need a new maintenance work order.  When this option is checked for a given line that is also checked as ‘Do’, a Work Order will not be generated. The Client Site Equipment PM Schedule will display the message ‘NO WO’ in the PM Workorder Id field.  

The following warning will be displayed if the user checks the 'Already Done' box:

Warning: Any Deferred Revenue that should be attached
        to a work order will NOT be generated if the
        'Already Done' box is checked.

This warning is designed to alert users to issues that would occur if they are writing deferred Earnings to Revenue using the PM Inspection line's Accrued box and Contract Value fields.  Using these fields attaches a Revenue Adjustment to the PM Inspection Work Order.  When Work Order is invoiced/posted, the revenue is moved from Deferred Revenue to Revenue. If you use the Already Done checkbox in because you’ve already created a manual work order in New Call, this transfer of revenue never happens.

Tech Id:
This field specifies which Technician (if any) will be assigned to the PM. This field defaults from the previous Range screen (if the Tech id on the PM Work Order would have been blank. Otherwise, it will default from Equipment record’s PM Schedule tab, the Equipment record’s Main tab, or the Client Site. It may be adjusted by the user if needed.

Work Requested:
This field defaulted from the previous Range screen, but may be adjusted by the user if needed. It will be used to set the Work Requested header field and the Work Order Equipment's Work Requested (followed by Service Tasks / Parts text if applicable).

This field usually defaults from the Job and/or Client Site based on the WorkOrderPO option in the sys-start-scrtepmwo registry. It may be adjusted by the user if needed.

Important Buttons:

image\check.gif Click the Check button to check (select) every item on the list.

Note: If the RequirePO option is set to true in the sys-start-scrtepmwo registry, the system only checks lines where the PO is completed.

image\checkoff.gif Click to de-select every item on the list.

image\go.gif Click to generate the selected Work Orders.