Create Quality Assurance Work Order


This starter function allows users to create new Quality Assurance (Q/A) Work Orders for internal use by "cloning" completed Work Orders.

The new Q/A Work Order will include information specified from the input screen as well as fields imported from the Work Order being cloned. The Work Order Type will be set to Q/A.  The  Job Id, Job Cost Code Id and Job Billing Item Id will not be cloned.

Click to view detailed information on the Q/A Work Order.

Important Fields Initial Range Screen:

New Value Fields: (will be used to generate the new Q/A Work Orders)

Tech Id:
Select the Technician the Q/A Work Order should be assigned to.  

Date Scheduled:
Specify the Date Scheduled for the Q/A Work Order.

Work Code Id:
Select an appropriate Work Code for the Q/A Work Order.

Escalation Profile Id:
Select an Escalation Profile suitable for Quality Assurance Work Orders. If this field is left blank, the original Work Order's Escalation Profile will be cloned to the Q/A Work Order.

Important Note:
If the Escalation Profile is cloned from a 'real' Work Order, Scheduled Events could be generated for Site-based Notifications with could cause confusion for the customer, as well as Dispatcher/Service Manager Notifications not always appropriate for Q/A Work Orders.

Filter Fields (will be used to select the Work Orders to create Q/A Work Orders for)

Technician Id:
Site Id:
Work Order Id:
Work Code Id:
Work Order Date Completed:
One or more of these ranges should be completed to limit the Work Orders eligible for Quality Assurance Processing. In the case of the Technician and Work Code ranges, the Id on the Work Order's Main tab will be evaluated.

Escalation Status:
By default, this range is set to Completed,Invoice Ready,Billed so that only work orders that have been finished will be eligible for Q/A processing. This range may be adjusted by the user if needed.

WO Type:
By default, this range is set to ~PM Invoice, Rental Invoice so that PM and Rental Invoice Work Orders used only for billing will be excluded from this function. Q/A Type Work Orders are skipped automatically.

 Click the Go button, to display a list of work orders eligible Q/A processing.

Important Fields - Checklist Screen:

This field enables you to select which Work Orders will be used to generate Q/A Work Orders. By default, all Work Orders are selected. Double-click on the Do field to select (check) or deselect an item.

Site Id: Site Name: WO Id: Tech Id: Date Work Completed: Work Code Id: Service Manager: Work Order Name:
These fields are displayed for informational purposes so that you can verify which Work Orders should be used to general Q/A Work Orders.

Important Buttons:

Click the Check button to check (select) every item on the list.

Click to de-select every item on the list.

 When you click the Go button, the system will create your Q/A Work Orders.