Custom Help Setup

Data-Basics' Document Viewer may be used to provide additional customized help materials for your company. If no customized materials are available, Data-Basics on-line help manual will appear as usual when the Help button is clicked. If customized help is available, a list of these documents will appear (Data-Basics Help plus your files). When you select from the listing, the file will be opened within its native application. This feature currently supports Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, .PDF (Acrobat) and Excel documents.

These files will be opened with the registered software program specified on your desktop or Citrix session. Note that all documents should be locked (set to read-only) so that they cannot be inadvertently changed.

If a single custom help document exists for a function, but standard SAM Pro help is not implemented for it, the document will now automatically open instead of displaying a list consisting of the custom help.

Example: assume that a user-defined report function does not have custom help.  Since the Help Code is 0, there isn't any real help to show.  However, when I create my own Help Document and attach it to the function, I don't want to see a list pop up with my custom help and the generic help for code 0.  What I really want is that my custom doc is displayed without any intermediate documents list. The system will now do this.

Note: in order for the document to open, it may be necessary to associate its extension will the appropriate executable. See Registry Entry to Launch External Apps for details.

To enable this feature, open a new record directly in the Document Viewer, and enter the fields as discussed below.

Important Fields: Upper Section

Document Id:
Uniquely species this file. We suggest including the text 'help' within the Id (HelpAP, HelpAR, etc.).


You must enter help in this field for this functionality to work.


This field will be displayed in your help list, so it should be as descriptive as possible (XYZ Company AP Procedures).

File Location:

Enter the url share path to where a locked copy of your file is stored (for example, \\myserver\customhelp\approcedures.doc), or click the Browse button to point to and enter the path to a file on a mapped drive. Remember that file location as specified must be accessible to everyone on the system, and that if a share path is used, it must be shared. Please contact your support representative if you are unsure of which format to use.

Important Fields: Lower Section

Table Name:
Double-click on this field and select Functions when the list appears. The Table DB Name will appear as fnctn when you do so.

Reference Id:
Double-click on field and select the viewer, report or starter function with which you want the file associated. The Function Id of each viewer, starter function, and report in the system may be determined by going to the appropriate viewer, function, or report screen, and clicking Help on the Menu bar and then choosing 'About'. The Function Id will be listed in the drop down text. You may enter as many lines in the lower section as needed. For example, your AP document might be linked to the Vendor record, the AP Journal, and AP Checks.