DBSellpoint Overview


DBSellPoint is a point of sales app developed to handle over the counter and retail sales transactions for SAMPro. Payments can be made with cash or credit card, or on account for existing customers. The app is designed to be run on an Android tablet with a credit card scanner, barcode scanner, and a cash drawer,

Returns of DBSellPoint sales are also supported in the app. A Powerpoint presentation focusing using the app itself is available.

Setting Up SAMPro for DBSellpoint

GL Entities: Company and Client Site Records

GL Entities are derived as follows:

ENTB = Balance Sheet Entity (from Company)

ENTI = Income Statement Entity (from Site COP tab)

Posting of POS sales should use the Entity defined above as follows in posting:

1) Cash Receipts Records

a. GL Entity – use Company ENTB – arrcpts.glentty.rn

2)  AR Sales Records

a.AR Control Entity – use Company ENTB – arsls.glentty.rn

b. Entities for GL Posting

i.All Sales Lines, Entity = Site COP ENTI
ii.All Expense (cost) Lines, Entity = Site COP ENTI
iii.Accounts Receivable, Entity = Company ENTB
iv.All Sales Tax Lines, Entity = Company ENTB
v.All Inventory, Entity = Company ENTB

3) AR Terms

When Invoices are posted from DBSellpoint, the Invoice's Due Date, Discount Date, Discount Available are now set based on its AR Terms.

RAQ: Default Cash / Client Site: Walk Up Customer

A default customer (Client Site) must be set up for walk up cash/credit customers where the sale will not be for  'on account' or cash sales to an existing customer. The RAQ configDefaultCustomer (site RN)  defines the default customer (site) that comes up on POS initial screen. This record will be configured by support when your system is set up.

Payment Type: GL Bank Account for Cash Receipts Entry

When an AR Cash Receipts entry is posted from DBSellpoint, the GL Bank Account will default from the Payment Type selected on the POS screen.

Returns Processing

NOTE: If a dollar limit for cash reimbursements is exceeded, a return will require submitting paperwork to accounting and a check gets cut to the customer at some future date.  In that scenario, SAMPro provides no automated help in managing the debt or producing the payment.  Accounting must create a Vendor record and the appropriate AP Journal entry so the customer eventually gets paid/reimbursed as a 'vendor'.

Returns are defined by messages including the key 'Return=true'?  If the customer is reimbursed (cash, credit card credit, etc), the DBSellpoint app will also provide that information so the appropriate negative Cash Receipt can be generated.

The posting depends on whether or not the customer was reimbursed at the POS counter.

If the customer is reimbursed:

The return is treated as a Credit Memo and posts the appropriate Sales and Cash Receipts transactions.

In the Sales Journal, the Invoice Id will be generated by appending the letters CM will to the original POS Invoice Id (e.g.,143234CM). The Transaction Description will be set to 'POS Return Entry'.

The Cash Receipts entry will be made with negative receipts and a Transaction Description will be set to 'POS Return Entry'.

If not reimbursed:

Only a Sales Journal entry will be made using the Costs tab of the Sales Journal to effectively put the Return 'On Account' for the customer.  The Client specified in the Sales Journal will be derived from the Client listed on the Site's COP tab.

A Restocking Fee may be assessed in the DBSellpoint return which will reduce the amount of the return. The RestockGLAccount registry detailed in DBSellPoint Registry (Configuration and Defaults) may be used to specify the GL Account restocking fees will post to. If this registry is absent the Sales GL Account will be used.

If the registry is not set, the return amount for each line will be the original sales less the restocking fee.  If the registry is enabled then the difference on each line between the original sales and return amount will be posted to the Restock Account.


DBSellPoint User Registry

DBSellPoint Registry (Configuration and Defaults)

Start Point of Sale Event Manager Registry