Work Order Daily Edit


This screen enables you to quickly edit the work order lines displayed on the Dispatch Board. You may edit the technician status, date and time scheduled, technician and estimated hours. This functionality is also referred to as "rolling the board."

When the Go button is clicked, the system will alert you to the number of records that will be processed:

WARNING: #### records have been selected for adjustments.
Press Yes to continue or No to cancel.


A Technician must be attached to at least one Dispatch Board (see Board and Technicians Viewer ) to be eligible for this function.

This function provides for convenient general work order "house-keeping" that can be easily done as the first activity of the day; close those that got completed, advance the schedule dates of those that were not completed, reschedule the tech as necessary...etc.

This function may also be launched outside of the dispatch board as a generic way to re-schedule WorkOrders based on any number of criteria defined on the various filters.

Work Orders with a Status Category of ''Archived'' are excluded from this function.


See Registry Starter Functions for registry entries to override the default values on the initial range screen.

See Limit Number of Work Orders to be Processed for this highly recommended registry.

To enhance the performance of this function the system will escalate the work order only when necessary (when either the Tech or Status gets changed). Registry Work Order Daily Edit may be used to always escalate work orders if needed.

Use the Standard Settings When Running WO Daily Edit From Dispatch Board

Important Fields: Initial Range Screen

When you click the Edit Daily WO's button, an initial range screen appears that filters the list of editable work orders. When the following ranges are completed as desired, click the Go button to display the Edit screen.

New Date Scheduled:
This field will be initially be set to today’s date. It provides the new default date scheduled for the work orders you will be editing in the Check List screen. As the Check List is being constructed, the system will compare each line's date scheduled to the New Date Scheduled field's value.  If the line's date precedes the New Date Scheduled, it will be switched to the new date you entered in this field, and the “do” check box will be flagged.

The user is allowed to roll back work orders to before today, but doing so will display a warning:
  "Warning: Selected Date is before Today all Workorders on list will be set to this date."

Retain Current Dates?
The default value is False (blank).  When changed to True (checked), the user is indicating that the current schedule dates should be retained then the selection list appears.

New Status:
The default value is blank.  If the user sets this field to a Status, then the selected Status becomes the new status for each entry that appears in the resulting selection list. Note that if you add/change a technician, the new log status will automatically be set to the applicable initial value for that technician for escalation management purposes.

WorkOrder Id:
To limit your edits to a specific Work Order, enter its Id. More than one Work Order may be specified:

Multiple Id's (commas): 100005,100010,100015
Range of Id's (underscore): 100005_100015
Greater Than an Id: >100010

Log Type Id:
When you launch Edit Daily Work Orders from the Dispatch Board, this range will automatically be set to the statuses that are currently selected on the Board's Status Filter. When launched as a starter function, this range will be set to ‘waiting service, waiting parts, scheduled’ unless overridden via registry. Additional statuses (separated by commas) may be added or removed by the user.

Date Schdld:
This field will initially be set to all dates prior to today: >yyyy-mm-dd (e.g., if today is April 24, 2016 it would be set to >2016-04-24). This field may be reset by the user as desired:

 A Single Date: yyyy-mm-dd

 A Range of Dates: yyyy-mm-dd_yyyy-mm-dd

 All Days in a Specific Month: yyyy-mm%

Technician Id:
To limit your edits to a specific Tech, enter his or her Id. Multiple Id's may be specified, separated by commas: JSMITH,TJONES,RKNOX

Work Code Id:
To limit your edits to a specific Work Code, enter the Id. Multiple Id's may be specified, separated by commas: LEAK,COOL,INSTALL

Client Site Id:
To limit your edits to a specific Site, enter the Id. Multiple Id's may be specified, separated by commas: 253234,6345,J54345

WO Type:
This range will initially be set to '~PreventiveMaint,PM Invoice’ so that both Preventive Maintenance and PM Invoice work orders will be excluded.

Clear this range to edit all types of work orders. To edit only WO’s of a specific type, enter the desired type in this range.

Employee Type
To limit your edits to Technicians of a particular Employee Type, enter the Id or double-click to select if from a list.

Account Manager Id:
Dispatcher Id
Service Manager Id
Sales Rep Id
These ranges enable you to limit your edits to work orders assigned to a specific Manager, Dispatcher, or Sales Rep.

image\go.gif When your ranges are completed as desired, click the Go button to display the edit / checklist screen.


Important Fields: Checklist / Edit Screen

Only lines that are flagged as 'Do' will be updated when you click the Go button. Double-click the Do box (or press Spacebar when the caret is on it) to check or clear this field.

Log Type Id:
The status of this line. You may key in a new status or double-click to select from a list.

Date Scheduled:
The date that you want the work to be scheduled for. You may type in a new date, or press Spacebar to enter today's date.

The time (in military/24 hour format) that the work is scheduled for. You may adjust the time or double-click to access the Clock viewer to help you do so.

Tech Id:
The Technician assigned to this work. You may key in a different Tech Id or double-click to select from a list.

The estimated hours for this work; enter a new value if desired.

Work Order Id:  Priority: Client Site Name:
These fields are displayed by the system to help you identify the dispatch.

Click the Check button to check (select) every item on the list.

Click to de-select every item on the list.

Click the Sort button to choose how you wish to sort your work orders (e.g., by Work Order Id, Technician, etc.).

 Click to use the TechFinder screen to help choose a technician for the selected work order.

 Click the Go button when you have completed your edits. Your charges will be applied to the work orders and dispatch board.