Dispatch Board


Used to access, track, update and schedule Work Orders. The Dispatch Board is divided into upper and lower sections, each of which is individually scrollable.


Work Order changes are only allowed from the Dispatch Board if the User belongs to a Group with Change permission for View Work Order or Work Order Dispatcher.  

Subcontractor Techs: 'Purchases Blocked' and 'Payments Blocked' subcontractor Techs may NOT be selected on the board  if their required insurance is expired on the selected date.

Multiple Dispatch Boards
When the Dispatch Board button is pushed from within a Dispatch Board, a new board will be opened. When pushed from anywhere else, the user will be notified to use the Windows Task Bar or Windows Menu to choose one of the Dispatch Boards if more than one is open. The Id of the current Dispatch Board appears on the title of the Work Order list. The Board Technicians Viewer may be used to define the lists of technicians that appear on the dispatch board.

Closing Call Script / Additional Service Recommendations Wizard
When a Work Order is completed (resulting in the Escalation Status being set to Completed), a wizard may be invoked. If a Closing Call Script field is set in the Work Order, the wizard steps the user though completing the closing call script entries. The wizard also lets you add one or more Service Recommendations (regardless of whether or not a Closing Call Script is specified). These Service Recommendations will be saved as notes to the applicable Client Site record. These notes will be tagged with the summary description Additional Service Note.

Service Evaluation Wizard
The Service Evaluation Wizard will be launched when a work order that references a Service Evaluation table is completed or invoiced. Your responses will be written to the Evaluation tab.

Registry Entries:

If the number of technician lines would exceed the throttle value determined by the Board Row Limit (see Dispatch Board Rows ) a message instructing the user to refine their search parameters is displayed and the board will come up empty.

If the board is displayed on a large monitor in the dispatch room, it is set to Auto-Refresh by pressing a toggle button. To control how often the board refreshes: Set Auto Refresh Duration .

The registry sys-dispatchboard-colors-powerboard must be created for color-coding to be implemented on the lower half of the dispatch board. .

Registry Entry Dispatch Board enables you to save dispatch board settings by user and by board, remove statuses from the status list and specify a variety of other customizations.  

See Registry Entry System Email for information on e-mail configuration relating to e-mailing messages and work order dispatches.

The following entries provide control of the Classic/Day Board Colors:

Registry Entry to Set Dispatch Board Colors by Priority

Registry Entry to Set Color Coding on Lower Section of DBoard

The Upper Section:

The Powerboard Tech Summary appears when the board first opens, showing technician location, status, and other information. If you click on a technician in the upper section, only those work orders assigned to him (or her) will appear in the lower section.

The upper section also controls the display of the board, enabling you to access the Classic or Day boards.. The tab-style buttons (and the Available Hours toggle button) discussed below also enable you to filter work orders by status, change and add work dates, and so on. To learn more about a button, click on its description.






Powerboard Button



Classic Board/Day Board Button



Orientation Button (on Classic Board)



Set Work Order Status and Other Filters



Select Date Range



Change Sort Order



Change/assign a Tech to Selected Work Order



Calendar: Change/Add a Date on Selected Work Order



Select a Different List of Techs



Toggle Upper Section to/from Available Hours View



Take a New Call



Toggle on or off. When autoRefresh is on the Board refreshes every timer duration. Only use this for a board that is displayed, not actually used by a dispatcher. Scroll the top bar down to access this button.



The Graphic Time Chart button toggles the work order list between text and graphic modes; click on the link for hints on its scheduling features.



Click this button to edit the work order lines displayed on the Dispatch Board  (Tech Id,  status, date/ time, estimated hours). Click Daily WO Edit for details on this function.



Click to launch the Work Order Entry function which streamlines the entry of time, materials, and other charges to open the Work Orders.

The Lower Section (Work Order List)

The lower section displays the Work Order List. If more than one technician is assigned to a work order, or a technician is assigned to a work order for more than one day, a separate line will appear on the Work Order List for each technician/date scheduled. Only those work orders, which fit the criteria, you have selected in the upper portion of the Board appear on the list. For example, if you selected a Work Order Status of Waiting Service, Work Orders with a status of Travel or OnSite would not appear. The top two lines of the Work Order List section display these criteria.

Changing the Dispatch Column Order
To adjust the order in which the work order list appears, select a column (in the work order list, not the title) and drag and drop it in the desired location in the work order list.

Accessing a Work Order
To access the Work Order viewer, simply double-click on the line you wish to view.

Update Board?
If you return to the Dispatch Board after changes have been made to Work Orders, the system will prompt you to confirm the refresh (by clicking OK) or postpone the refresh (by clicking Cancel).

Changing Work Order Status
The following buttons (located on the Side Button Bar) enable you to change the status of the selected dispatch in the work order list; to select a work order, left-click on it once. If a Work Order has unbilled costs, the system will warn you if the Tech status is set to cancelled.

Side Bar Buttons






Change status to Hold



Change status to Waiting Parts



Change status to Travel



Change status to On Site



Change status to Completed



Change status to Waiting Service



Change status to Cancelled



Set scheduled date to today



Select any Status



Click to print the selected work order. If e-mail is implemented, you may e-mail the work order instead.



Displays an Email form with the address in your User record in the From: box and the tech’s Email Address 2 in the To: box. If you are using the SAMPro emailer, double-click in the To: box or CC: box and select additional Email addresses from the Site, Tech, or Job’s Client record.

The Contact Id field provides access to SAMPro Contact records. When a Contact record is selected, SAMPro automatically adds its main email address to the list of recipients in the Email To field. When the Contact record contains multiple addresses, they are added to the list of Email Addresses displayed when the user double-clicks in the Email To or CC fields.



Click to launch the Purchase Order and enter the Id of the selected Work Order in its WO Id field. If the user is in the process of editing an existing PO, they are warned that changes to the PO have not been saved, and is given the option to return to the existing PO and save the changes.



Schedule the selected WO using the TechFinder Viewer



Displays box a Notes Option box to allow the user to view existing /or add new Site, Job or WO notes for the selected work order.



Displays box a Notes Option box to allow the user to add Client Site, Job or WO notes for the selected work order.



When clicked, the line’s status is changed from Pending (or the statuses defined via registry: Release_To_Tech_Statuses ) to the Default Status for that technician.



Provides distance and directions from the Technician’s current location to the Work Order Site (SageQuest).

image\SKIN1_SageQuest.gif V 8.2




Upload the selected Work Order to Fleetmatics / SageQuest; this would be used if it is missing on Fleetmatics.



Used with the Remote Tech Device / Blackberry. It will export an RTD XML file for the selected dispatch line. Tthis button is only enabled if the selected work order line is eligible for export (it is of the correct status, and is assigned to a Tech with the correct web access).

Tip: Right Click to Set Status or Update WorkOrder
An alternate way of changing status or updating the dispatching fields of the work order is to right click a line in the work order list. When you do so, the system lets you Select Status or Update Work Order. If you Select Status, a list of statuses appear; click on one to apply it to the work order line.

If you select Update WorkOrder, a dispatcher's summary of the workorder appears: click Update WorkOrder for details on using this feature.

Assigning Additional Technicians or Service Dates
A Work Order can be scheduled for multiple days and/or assigned additional technicians. To do so, double-click the desired Work Order, and then add the additional tech and/or dates on its Technician tab.

Adding a Service Date
The Set Date (Calendar) of the Dispatch Board also lets you create additional work order dates as well as change the date scheduled. This feature corresponds to adding a line to the Work Order's TEC tab. For additional information, click on the following topic: Using the Set Date Calendar to Add a Work Order Date.