Drum Label Warning Viewer


Used to create and maintain text used to print the Drum Label Warnings required for shipment of regulated materials.


Referenced by in the Inventory Item record and used in printing Drum Labels.

Important Fields:

Note: this Help Topic lists the standard configuration of all fields that may be included in this record. If you are using a customized system, the fields displayed on your screen may not exactly match the order or status (required, optional, default, display-only, hidden, etc.) of the fields described in this Topic.

Label Warning Id: (10 character)
This required field uniquely identifies the record. Typically, the Label Warning Id would be the same as the Inventory Item Id.

Label Warning Name: (50 character)
This field briefly describes the record (e.g., the inventory item name). This field is optional.

Revision Number (6 character)
Enter the revision number for the text specified in the Label Warning fields below.

Label Warning (44 character x 18)
The text of the warning that is to appear on the drum labels.