E-mail Button/Viewer


When displayed on a Report viewer, the E-mail button enables you to send the report as an e-mail attachment (PDF is generally preferred).


See Registry Entry System Email for information on configuring e-mail options on your system.

Important Fields:

Attach Report As: o PDF o HTML o Text o CVS

Select the attachment format by double-clicking on the adjacent radio button. This field defaults to PDF unless otherwise specified in the sys-email registry entry.

If you selected Text, the text-file report contents will embedded in the email message body instead of being included as a .TXT attachment. 

Contact Id:
The Contact Id gives the user access to SAMPro Contact records and the email addresses contained in them. When a Contact record is selected, SAMPro automatically adds its main email address to the list of recipients in the Email To field.  In addition, when the Contact record contains multiple addresses, they are added to the list of Email Addresses displayed when the user double-clicks in the Email To or CC fields. This will allow the SAMPro user to select one of the Contact's secondary email addresses.

The e-mail address in your user record will be defaulted to this field.

Send to: CC:
You may specify the address of the person you wish to send the report to. To specify multiple addresses, they may be separated by a comma or semi-colon (e.g., sales@company.com;hr@company.com).

When referencing an Email Group in an email field, you must surround the Email Group Id with brackets. For example, if you have created an Email Group with the Id sales, you would enter it in a SAM Pro email field as [sales] to indicate that it is a token replacement and not, itself, an email address. The Email Group will be evaluated and all email addresses contained in the group will be mailed.

Specific Send To Functionality:

Purchase Order:
If you choose to e-mail a PO (from the Print Report screen), the To: field will default from the Vendor E-mail Fax field.

Dispatch Board:
If you select a line on the work order list and then click the E-mail button, the technician’s e-mail pager address will appear in the To: box. To select another e-mail recipient, double-click in the To: box or CC: box. When you do so, a selection box will appear, enabling you to select from all e-mail addresses associated with the Technician, Site or Client (listed on the Site’s COP tab). Double-click on an address to select it.

Enter a brief description for this report that will be meaningful for the person to whom you are sending the e-mail. E-mail programs may tag e-mail as spam if the subject is omitted.

Email Current Section Only
This field will appear if the report to be emailed supports section key logic, and more than one section appears in the previewed report. If you flag this field, only the currently displayed section of the report will be sent. If this field remains blank, the entire report will be sent. The following standard reports support section key logic:


Report Name

Report Id

Section Key

Report Invoice AIA


Invoice Master Id

Report AR Sales Journal Posting


Current System Date

Report Customer Statements


Client Id

Report Expired Insurance


Vendor Id

Report Invoice Template 3


Job Next Invoice Id

Report Invoice Template 4


Job Next Invoice Id

Report Quote Form Standard


Quote Id

Quote From 1


Quote Id

Report PR Employee Paid Time Off 2


Employee Id

Report Request for Change Order


Quote Id

Report Work Order Service History


Client Site Id

Report Service Invoice


Invoice Master Id

Report Service Invoice Post


Current System Date

Report Worksheet for Service Jobs


WO Id + Job Id + Current System Date

PO Form

System report


COP Invoice

System report

COP Invoice Id

COP Export Invoice

System report

COP Invoice Id


Enter any explanatory text, if needed.

Important Buttons:

Click OK to send the e-mail (and attached report). Click Cancel if you do not wish to send the e-mail.

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