Email Group


Email groups enable you to store a list of email addresses, or lists of email groups to facilitate email distribution lists. An email group (surrounded by brackets) may be referenced, or stored in any email field in the system; the system will then email to all members of the group.


When referencing an Email Group in an email field, you must surround the Email Group Id with brackets. For example, if you have created an Email Group with the Id sales, you would enter it in a SAM Pro email field as [sales] to indicate that it is a token replacement and not, itself, an email address.

The system will evaluate the email addresses defined in the Group when the email is sent.

Support Note: if RedirectAll is enabled in sys-email, Email Groups will NOT be evaluated.

Example: Auto-emailing Invoices to multiple individuals at a client

A registry entry in sys-report-serviceinvoice may be used to auto email service invoices to your clients when the invoice is printed (see Registry Entry for Report Emailing ). By default, the email will be sent to the email address in the Work Order Job’s Invoice Email To field. By using an Email Group, however, you may send the invoice to more than one individual at this client. You might also wish to include a project manager or member of your staff in the distribution as shown in the following example:

Email Group Record

Id: CL123

Email Addresses:  bsmith @

jknox @

tjones @

Job Record

Invoice Email To: [CL123]

Tip: You many also wish to use an Email Group with just one member – that way, if the appropriate party to send invoices to changes, you only need to revise the address in one location – the Email Group – instead of multiple Jobs.

Important Fields: Upper Section

Uniquely identifies this email distribution group. Do not include brackets in this field.

A brief description of this group (optional).

Default Domain Name:
If most or all of the users in this group share the same domain (e.g.,, you may enter it here and simply enter the individual user addresses in the lower section of the screen.

Important Fields: Addresses Tab

Email Address:
There are three different ways of entering an address on this line:

1. Enter the complete email address (e.g.,

2. If the Default Domain Name is completed above, enter just the individual and the system will add the @ sign and the default domain for you (if you enter mary, and the default domain is set to, the system will generate the complete address when the email is sent).

3. Email groups support nesting, so you may reference one or more existing Email Groups as token replacements within another.


Email Group Id: sales Default Domain:
Addresses: jean, joe

 Note that both jean and joe are at You may list each address on an individual line, or separate multiple addresses on a single line with a comma.

Email Group Id: dispatch Default Domain:
Addresses: charles,emma,tom,

 Mary is at a different domain, so her complete address is specified.

Email Group Id: everyone Default Domain:
Addresses: [dispatch],[sales],

 In addition to the president, everyone on the dispatch and sales groups will be included when the 'everyone' email group is referenced.