Employee Recurring Other Tab


This tab is used in conjunction with the Start Generate Recurring Labor Entries (see Start Generate Recurring Labor Entries ) function to generate Labor Journal Other entries for expenses that will be applied to a job and reimbursed to the employee on his or her payroll check.


Enter parking expense, cell phone charges, etc.

See Employee Recurring Wages Tab for details on entering recurring hours.

Important Fields:

Start Date: End Date:
Enter starting and ending working dates to define the time period that this recurring entry is valid for. These fields are compared with the date range of the selected payroll period when the Generate Recurring Labor Entries function is run. If the Start/End Dates intersect at ANY point within the Period Start/End (work) dates, then the line qualifies as "eligible" when Start Regenerate Labor Entries is run.

This field defines the cycle for which this recurring entry would be generated. For example, Q (quarterly), W (weekly), P (payroll period) and so on.

This field specifies which day in the payroll period the labor journal entry will be assigned to.

Other Rate Id: Quantity: Unit Cost: Amount Cost:
The Other Rate Id: field is required; it provides the GL Account required during Compute Payroll. Note that although the Bill Type and Revenue Rate fields default from the Other Rate record, the Cost fields must be filled in if applicable.

Job Id: Cost Code: Cost Category:
Complete these fields as you wish them to appear when the Labor Journal Entries are generated. Note that 'Operation Lockdown' validation is implemented so that the Cost Category’s Job Use field (All, Direct or Indirect) does not conflict with the status of the Overhead field in the Job record.

The Cost Category supports enhanced filtering provided by the Cost Code's Job Cost Category Usage Filter.

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Billing Item:
This field should be completed if this other charge is billable to the above Job.

WorkOrder Id:
This field would only be completed if these recurring hours were charged to a specific work order. This is not recommended.