Equipment Master Viewer


Defines standard Id's for the equipment that your company installs and services.


You could create Equipment Master records for general or specific types of equipment. For very specific types of equipment, a specific Inventory Item Id may be associated with each Master Equipment record.


Optional for use in the New Call Create Client/Site/Equipment function, as when creating a new equipment record directly in the Client Site Equipment viewer. By double-clicking on the Equipment Id, the user displays the Equipment Master record list to select an Id from. The Master Equipment record provides the default values that the system uses when creating the new Site Equipment record.

Important Fields: Upper Section

Equipment Master Id:
A unique Id for this Equipment Master record. This field is required.

Equipment Master Name:
A brief description; this field is optional.

Inventory Item Id:
Optional. If this Equipment Master record pertains to a specific Inventory Item record, enter its Id or double-click on this field to select from a list. The Manufacturer, Model, and Equipment Type fields default from the Inventory Item record.

Description:  ManufacturerModel:
Equipment Size: Equipment UOM:
These fields default from the Inventory Item record, but may be revised by the user if needed.

Equipment Type
This field also defaults from the Inventory Item record. When defaulted into the Site Equipment record, this field may be used in when generating PM work orders (and their associated purchase orders) for sub-contractor technicians. The system will match this up with the corresponding Equipment Type field in the PM Master Contract Provider Rates Tab when generating the WO and PO. This enables the appropriate costs and revenues to automatically be generated by equipment type and service provider.

Service Parts List:
The default list of parts will appear on preventative maintenance and installation work orders created from New Call screen.

Service Tasks Id:
This default list of tasks will appear on preventative maintenance and installation work orders created from New Call screen.

Certification Id:
The certification required to work on this equipment created from this master record. This is used in conjunction with TechFinder to match Technicians and Work Orders.

Call Script Id:
To implement call scripting for Site Equipment created from this master record, enter the appropriate Id or double-click on this field to select from a list of Call Script Id's. When you select a piece of Equipment in New Call that has a Call Script associated with it, the system will automatically display the Call Script.

Call Escalation Id:
If Escalation Management is implemented on your system, you may complete this field to provide a default Escalation Profile for service work orders for this equipment.

Log Form Id:
If system metrics will be recorded for this equipment created from this Master record, enter (or double-click to select from a list) a Log Form Id. The Work Order System tab will be automatically populated from the Log Form record so that the metrics can be recorded by the technician.

Equipment Master User 1: Equipment Master User 2:
These optional fields may be used for entering any information your company wishes to retain.

Important Fields: Lower Section

Components Tab

Reserved for future use.

Installations Tab

Site Id: Equip Id: Description: Serial No: Contract? Installed:
WarrantryStart: WarrantyEnd: Active?
This Query-View tab displays all the Equipment that is associated with this Equipment Master record. You may double-click on an Equipment line to view the Site Equipment record associated with that line.

Work History Tab

WO Id: Site Name: Tech Id: Status: Work Code: Equip Id:
Scheduled: Closed: Resolution: Work Requested:

This Query View tab lists all work orders created for this Equipment associated with this Equipment Master record. Double-click on a line to view the Work Order itself.