Fill Shop Back Order (View Back Orders for Shop)


This function may be run to allocate back ordered items that have been received to your shop orders. However, the newer Start Fill Backorders is preferred: see Start Backorder Filling for details.


The back orders are initially listed to take the initial location or locations from the contents of the user's Location Filter field. If the user's Location Filter is blank, the initial location defaults from the user's Location Id field.

Important Fields: Upper Section

To view detailed information, double click on a line.

Important Fields: Lower Section Detail

Quantity to Transfer:
Enter the quantity to be transferred.

Order Id: Job Id: Released: Qty Allctd From:
These display-only fields are maintained by the system to help use select which items to transfer.

image\go.gif Click the Go button to transfer the selected inventory to your shop orders that require it. The system will ask you to confirm the post.