Flat Rate Category Inventory Tab


Create and/or maintain the Flat Rate Category's inventory materials components. This information will be exported to a Work Order's Inventory tab when a Flat Rate Category is selected.


Add your own custom flat rates to those imported from a flat rate service.


Non-Inventory materials used in this flat rate should be included on the OTH (Other) tab.

Important Fields:

Est. Qty:
The estimated quantity of this item required to complete this flat rate category.

Unit Cost:
The default dollar cost for each of these items.

Est. Cost:
The estimated total cost of this item (Est. Qty X Unit Cost).

Inventory Item Id:  Inventory Item Name:
Double-click on this field to select from a list of Id's.

If a superseded part number is entered, the system will alert the user that

Item A has been superceded by Item B. Use New Item?

It the user clicks Yes, the new part (B) will be returned to the field. If the user clicks No, part A (which has been superceded) will remain in the field.

Cst Ctgry Id:
The default Cost Category for flat rate materials. Note the this Cost Category must have the Material or Equipment Selection Cost Type selected.