Flat Rate Category Viewer Labor Tab


Create and/or maintain the Flat Rate Category's labor components. This information will be exported to a Work Order's LABOR tab when a Flat Rate Category is selected. This information may be adjusted in the Work Order to correspond to the actual time spent and technician labor costs.


Add your own custom flat rates to those imported from a flat rate service.


Specifies the default labor cost associated with a flat rate.

Important Fields:

Est. Hrs:
The estimated hours required for a technician to complete this flat rate category.

Unit Cost:
The default dollar cost per hour for a technician of this type; this field will be used to set the unit cost field in the Work Order's LAB tab.

Est. Cost:
The estimated total cost of this labor (Est. Hrs X Unit Cost).

Tech Type:
Not currently implemented.

Cst Ctgry Id:
The default Cost Category for this labor: note that this Cost Category must have the Cost Type Labor selected.